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High Seas VR Adventure Battlewake

High Seas VR Adventure Battlewake Drop On 9/10

Do you have PlayStation VR, Oculus or any VR headset? Okay, do you like pirate adventures? I’m going to mark that down as “Yes” because it’s the only acceptable answer. If you answered “Yes” to both, you’ll be stoked to know that Survios—known for the VR title Creed: Rise to Glory—will drop Battlewake on September 10.  

Battlewake: Giving Us More Pirate Stuff In 2019 

On the surface, Battlewake is a VR ship battle game. You’ll play as a captain of your own ship only you have powers. Think if Posiden had nothing better to do but fire cannons at enemy ships. You can even reach up under the ship and whip out the Kraken in battles. It looks pretty dope, to be honest. 

To start off, you’ll have a few “Pirate Lords” to play the game with—Calavera, Diego, Rev, and Zhang. They’re each able to summon an incredibly destructive force and each one is different. From most accounts, what you’re getting is arcade-style action on the high seas.  

These aren’t going to be Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, World of Warships or even Pirates! Gold levels of drawn-out sea battles. That isn’t to say that strategy won’t factor into the battles here as you’ll need to have good aim to sink ships. Pretty much like Black Flag.  

Battlewake isn’t just going to be a competition-leaning online game, it will feature 20 chapters—possibly different for the four featured Pirate Lords. It should be noted that this campaign is available for a limited time only.  

More to Come? 

Who knows if or when Survios will add more characters to play. What I will say is that these kinds of games tend to stay fresh with more content being added regularly. I’m not saying “Expect more characters” but no one ever said, “Four characters is enough variety.” I mean, unless you were developing the original Gauntlet Legends or Turtles in Time, of course. 

Battlewake will be on sale for $30 on Oculus Home, PlayStation VR, SteamVR, and Viveport. It drops September 13 in Europe. That’s just enough time to sharpen your skills for Battlewake’s Community Contest which kicks off September 19.

Aye, there is another competition starting that same day from the Virtual Athletics League with booty totaling around $10,000. 


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