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Easiest Way On How to Kill Arch Tempered Lunastra Solo

One of the most feared monster in Monster Hunter World is Lunastra. As to myself, I would rather kill Behemoth solo over and over again rather than playing in a cooperative run with randoms against Arch Tempered Lunastra. I’ am not saying that randoms usually suck, but simply because I myself is at average risk of dying if I’ am to play with others against this monster.

It is extremely dangerous because it moves so fast and its damage is crazily high, but that one move that will usually take us all down is its supernova.

So, are we just going to leave our luck when fighting Arch Tempered Lunastra with randoms? Well, the good news is no because as much as the monster is extremely strong when fought cooperatively, it is actually relatively easy when fighting it solo. So if you are in need of those Lunastra Tickets for your Gamma Y, why not take courage and solo it, right?

Well, it is relatively easy to solo it IF you know what to do, and by far the easiest strategy to fight it solo is to stun it, cluster bomb it, and repeat (a.k.a sticky cluster bombing).

If you don’t know how to cluster bomb, you can check out how to setup radial menu here


The most important part of this build when fighting Arch Tempered Lunastra with this strategy is to have the correct weapon which is Deviljho’s Heavy Bowgun and to augment it with lifesteal (you can choose to put atk and lifesteal, or both lifesteal which is I preferred).

The Zorah Magdaros Heavy Bowgun is a good choice too, but considering the lack of damage in exchange for paralysis, Arch Tempered Lunastra may meet up with Arch Tempered Teostra soon which can be a headache. So, as much as possible, we will want to at least make it limp before it meets its husband, hence, a brute damage Heavy Bowgun such as the Deviljho’s I do believe would be the weapon of choice for this run.

Another Important skill to consider is the guard up. There are certain attacks of Arch Tempered Lunastra that couldn’t be guarded without guard up, so consider getting this skill as well. The other 2 skills that are an absolute must for cluster bombing are of course ammo up and rapidshot, and since we are stunning this time, artillery x3 would also be good but pretty much optional.

I also have a budget build which I used before and you can find the run here to prove that it also work. If you don’t have enough attack jewels, vitality boost and maintenance jewels would be good alternatives as well.


Meet Luna by the time you drop from Camp 16. Sleep it first, and then wake up bomb it using wyvern ammo. Wear temporal mantle and cluster it like crazy, and by the time your temporal mantle expires, you can wear your rocksteady/impact mantle to start throwing sticky ammo 3 at it. As said earlier, put lifesteal on weapon so you won’t need to pot your hp. When the monster gets tripped or stunned, cluster it again.

Repeat the process until it dies or limps. You CAN flash it to force supernova, but make sure you’re in a good distance so you could run when she does it. You will know that a supernova is impending if she fully charged, but you can delay it by stunning her, hence she failed to do it on this run, or by tripping her. If she goes away to sleep, just restock your ammo and bombs and then repeat the process. She should die in less than 10 minutes.

Bonus Tips

You can lure Lunastra at the map shown below to drop 2 crystal burst boulders at it. This will deal a huge damage, and there are two of these boulders.

Another tip is how to survive supernova in case the monster manages to use it during your run.

The first move that Lunastra will do before she will do supernova is to roar, so make sure that you will guard or dodge her roars all the time if possible. When she will cast it, she will make a jump and by the time she will land, she will send out 2 shockwaves that will knock you back. These shockwaves can be negated using windproof skills, but you can also dodge it by doing a dive dodge.

There will only be 2 shockwaves; at the beginning, and at the end part. The most important part to dodge is the first shockwave that she will cast when she landed after jumping high. So this will be your cue, when she’s about to land, do a dive dodge to dodge the shockwave and DON’T stand up right away. Wait for the dodge invulnerability to expire (you will notice that your HP will start to tick down) and then stand up for a bit, and then do a dive dodge again until you are safe.

Another technique to survive it is to simply use farcaster. This could be a good strategy so you could refill your ammos as well. And if Teostra and Lunastra meet, just simply wait for your Temporal Mantle to cool down before re-engaging.

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