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New Super Lucky Tale Review

  • Developed by: Playful Corp.
  • Released in: 2019
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch

New Super Lucky’s Tale, is the definitive addition port of the original X-Box game, Super Lucky’s Tale for Nintendo Switch. It is a 2/3D action platformer that puts you in the bright blue shoes of Lucky the fox, as he journey’s his way through the “Book of Ages.”


The story of Super Lucky’s Tale has not changed, and that is a good thing. It’s whimsical nature is kept in tact, and truly gives you the feel of a Donkey Kong Country crossed with Bajor-Kazooie game.

” Join Lucky on his thrilling journey through the Book of Ages, a magical artifact that opens doors to amazing worlds. Meet new friends, explore exciting lands, and recover the missing pages from the evil sorcerer Jinx and his villainous family, the dreaded Kitty Litter.”


That quote pretty much sums up the game’s story. It isn’t overly different from the platforming greats of old, but I don’t think that is a negative thing. This whole game is meant to be an homage to its predecessors, and this story provides just that.

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The characters Lucky meets are wacky as all heck, and don’t get me started on the villains. Especially the “dreaded Kitty Litter” crew. I have no discrepancy’s with the story, and I doubt many people will, as long as they know what to expect going in.


Super Lucky’s Tale was criticized for some of its camera control features, as a few of the levels were originally difficult to traverse without having full control over the camera. Fortunately this was one of the updated features in the Nintendo Switch port.

Outside of the updated camera controls, the game plays pretty similarly to its original game. You have very simple controls; jump, burrow, and tail swipe. This game is a practical love letter to the original 3D platformers of the past.

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Super Lucky’s Tale (SLT) is a puzzle-solving game platformer. Although it is important to note that this game is anything but challenging. SLT is a very simple game, the puzzles won’t stump you like a Zelda game, and in all honesty I never once got frustrated or felt challenged. It felt as though I were doing elementary school homework, as a college student.

Added Features

The added features are relatively few and far between, but are much welcome additions to the overall game:

  • Entire new wardrobes and outfits for Lucky to wear. (Including the impeccable hot dog vendor.
  • Added collectibles and new secrets to extend completion.
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Final Thoughts

While there are minimal added features, this is certainly the best version of SLT. It fixed the camera issue that drove us up a wall in its original release, and added aesthetic features to help extend its playability.

Although I can honestly say that I have yet to decide whether it’s easy gameplay is detrimental or not. On one hand without the challenge of difficult puzzles I was able to blow through the game, but get to enjoy all of its graphical beauty. On the other hand, the game got relatively boring towards the end, as I started to feel it getting repetitive, and found myself craving some sort of actual challenge.

This is definitely a perfect game for a younger gamer, or one who has little to no experience with platformers. Although I would have a hard time recommending it to serious gamers who may grow bored from its easy difficulty. Although if you want a chill Sunday game that has beautiful graphics, and whimsical gameplay; New Super Lucky’s Tale might be the thing for you.

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