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Fire Emblem: Cindered Shadows – What We Know (Minor Leaks)

Wave 4 DLC for Fire Emblem: Three Houses is just around the corner people, and it is an update you won’t want to miss!

Quick Recap

When Fire Emblem: Three Houses was released, they also put out a $25 Expansion Pass. It promised four waves of downloadable content, with the fourth being quite large. Here is a breakdown of the past 3 waves of content.

  • Wave 1: Officers Academy Outfits for M/F Byleth.
Image result for fire emblem three houses monastery outfit
  • Wave 2: New Auxiliary Battles, new background music, house gym outfits, four valuable booster items for each play through, and finally glasses for Byleth.
Image result for fire emblem three houses gym outfits
  • Wave 3: Recruit Anna, new Sana activity to participate with students, maid/butler battalions, and lots of new outfits for students. (Holiday released “Sothis Regalia” for Byleth).
Image result for fire emblem three houses Anna battle

As you can see there has been a number of solid updates for Three Houses, however most of the content has been cosmetic. This includes recruiting Anna, who does become a solid unit, but has no support conversations. However that is all about to change.

Wave 4: Cindered Shadows

We will officially be getting a whole new side story that is separate from the main story! From what we know so far this side story will take place below Garreg Mach Monastery, in an area called “Abyss”. Here you will meet the Fourth house, known as “The Ashen Wolves.” Note that the Ashen Wolves students will be recruitable in the main game as well.

The Ashen Wolves is made up of four new, unique characters: Balthus, Hapi, Constance, and Yuri.

Ashen Wolves students will also be sporting some older classes that are being brought back from previous Fire Emblem installments. Two confirmed classes are Yuri’s “Trickster” and Constance’s “Dark Flier“. These classes are also expected to bleed into the main game as well.

Due to a leak online we also know who each character has support conversations with! Yes people, we are getting fully fleshed out characters.

  • Yuri: Bernadetta. Dorothea, and Ingrid.
  • Balthus: Claude, Hilda, and Lysithea.
  • Constance: Edelgard, Ferdinand, and Mercedes.
  • Hapi: Dimitri, Ashe, and Linhardt.

Note that all four new characters have supports with each other, and Byleth.

It is fairly obvious that some of these characters are meant for certain houses based on their support conversations. As far as we know though, they will all be open to recruit for each play through.

With the plot of Cindered Shadows relatively unknown, the brief game footage showed in the trailer has the Fire Emblem community buzzing. In the trailer we see dialogue scenes with a culmination of Black Eagle, Golden Deer, and Blue Lions students. NOT TO MENTION THE HOUSE LEADERS! Could this mean a happy ending where all of the houses work together?

Cindered Shadows Release Trailer

There is a lot known and yet still unknown about Cindered Shadows, however one thing is certain. On February 13th all will be revealed.

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