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Modern Warfare Season 2 adds two new guns and iconic MW2 map

Season 2 Modern Warfare

A recent leak via several Xbox captures taken by an official Activision account has revealed details on Season 2. Expected to release sometime tomorrow, Season 2 will bring with it tonnes of new content to Modern Warfare. Fans can look forward to new maps, new guns, and the return of a former fan favorite MW2 map.

Season 2 Weapons

Season 2 Modern Warfare

Season 2 will, much like Season 1, initially add two new weapons to Modern Warfare. Since the first season added an assault rifle and LMG. fans may have expected other types of weapons for Season 2. Whilst this is partially true, the GRAU 5.56 is definitely another assault rifle.

It won’t take FPS fans long to figure out that the leaked Striker 45 is based on the UMP-45. The UMP-45 first featured in Call of Duty back in Modern Warfare 2 but was also usable in MW3 and Infinite Warfare. As for the GRAU 5.56, it’s very likely based on the Swiss SIG 552. This name may not sound familiar to CoD fans but this gun is actually in the same family as the SWAT-556 from Black Ops 2.


Season 2 Modern Warfare

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. That is indeed Rust from Modern Warfare 2. The iconic Modern Warfare 2 map makes its return in Season 2 for the first time since Infinite Warfare. However, the Infinite Warfare remake, Excess, was an expanded version of the map. Judging by the leaked trailer, this time around we are getting the OG layout.

Surprisingly, we are actually getting a new unique map in Season 2. Well, sort of. The assets are mostly ripped from Spec Ops mission Operation Paladin, but Atlas Superstore is a new map never seen before in Call of Duty. Credit where due to Infinity Ward for not only relying on remakes from older CoD games.

As always, Season 2 adds yet another new gunfight map. This time around its Bazaar, a tight market map based in the same fictional country as Azhir Cave. Finally, there’s the Ground War map, Zhokov Boneyard. There’s a lot going on here, as you would expect from a Ground War map, but the most defining feature is definitely the inclusion of Boneyard. Just to jog your memory, Boneyard is the area that the majority of MW2’s ‘The Enemy of My Enemy’ mission takes place.