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It’s official, Greninja is the most popular Pokemon

Greninja pokemon

That’s right, it’s Pokemon Day and The Pokemon Company has released the results for a recent poll. The poll in question had series fans vote for their favorite Pokemon. After 6.6 million votes were counted it’s now official, Greninja is the most popular Pokemon.

Of the 6.6 million total votes, Greninja receives 140,559 of them. Having only a 2% vote share might not sound that impressive, but it really is. For comparison, second place went to Lucario who only just managed to hit 100k votes.

Greninja is pretty cool

Honestly, the vote makes a lot of sense. Sure, Greninja isn’t my personal favorite Pokemon, that honor belongs to Emolga, but it’s up there. The concept of a water shuriken throwing, frog-ninja is too cool not to like. Also, the whole tongue as a scarf design choice is nothing short of genius. Not to forget, Greninja’s shiny is a beautiful black, shrouding it in eternal mystery.

Ironically, Mimikyu completely out-performed Pikachu by placing 3rd compared to the mascot’s mere 19th. Many mainstream Kanto Pokemon like Charizard, Umbreon, and Gengar finished comfortably in the top 10. On the whole, legendaries didn’t get too much love but Rayquaza’s 61,000 votes were enough to place it 8th. Equally, Lugia finds itself in 15th place.

pokemon greninja
After years of pretending to be a Pikachu to appear less scary, it turns out this little guy was more popular than his idol all along.

Surprisingly, many of the newer generation Pokemon received a lot of love. Dragapult, the pseudo-legendary of Sword and Shield, managed to finish in an impressive 11th place. Alongside Greninja, Kalos got further representation with Aegislash landing in 17th and fan-favorite Slyveon managing 6th.

It’s worth noting that a lot of Pokemon only just missed out on a top 30 finish. For example, Dragonite needed just 1200 more votes and Mudkip just 1000. Don’t see your favorite Pokemon in the top 30? Scroll down to the bottom of the page to select a specific region. An in-browser translation app like Google Translate can help you navigate around.