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It’s time to say goodbye to Fable Fortune

Fable Fortune

Three years ago, Flaming Fowl Studios and Mediatonic released Fable Fortune. Originally touted to be the next big collectable card game on the market, Fable Fortune works very similarly the likes of Hearthstone. However, the project didn’t pay-off and its funeral has been announced.

Fable Fortune will officially close once and for all on March 4th. Its lifespan of just over three years isn’t exactly ideal compared to its competitors. Hearthstone is still going strong despite being released in 2014. Equally, Shadowverse is also in a very healthy state even after three years of development.

In Fable Fortune’s defence, the CCG genre is not the most viable by any means. British developers Jagex Studios tried to convert their hit MMORPG RuneScape into a CCG back in May 2016. Whilst initial reviews were widely positive, by just August 2018 the servers were officially closed.

Fable Fortune

What went wrong for Fable Fortune?

Much like Chronicle: RuneScape Legends, its player base died out faster than expected. Tragically, the amount of average active players dropped as low as 1.7 last month. Not 1700, 170 or even 17. In a regular session, less than two players were online playing Fable Fortune. Yes, that means you wouldn’t even be able to theoretically play a game.

The last time the game had any degree of a real player base was March 2018, where it peaked at 272. Unfortunately, even this number is not even close to being sustainable long-term. For comparison, Sonic Adventure 2 on Steam, originally released in 2001, very often outperforms that player count.

Fable Fortune gave the CCG genre a good go but never managed to pick up enough traction. As many before have realized, actually drawing players away from Hearthstone is incredibly difficult. Blizzard’s marketing and ability to reach millions of players is brutal on any potential competitors.