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CS:GO breaks concurrent players record eight years after its release


CS:GO first launched just under eight years ago, on August 21, 2012. You might think then that it’d be struggling to attract the same crowd it once did. After all, what kind of game can maintain its player base over eight years? Well, it turns out the answer is CS:GO.

Earlier today, CS:GO managed to hit a record high 876,575 concurrent players. This number smashes its previous record of 854,801. It’s actually possible that this record could be broken again either later today or sometime tomorrow.

This new peak players record is healthy enough to place Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as the most played game on Steam. Runner-up, Dota 2, only peaked at 663,815 players. A Game like Rust, which still comfortably makes the top 10 list, is only attracting less than a tenth of the players that CS:GO is.


Why is CS:GO doing so well?

Counter Strike‘s massive success all these years later can be attributed to a few factors. For one, it went free to play on December 6, making the game more accessible than ever. Speaking of accessibility, CS:GO is a very easy to run game and doesn’t require a particularly powerful PC. This same update also introduced a battle royale mode called Danger Zone. I have no doubt this too likely helped CS:GO appeal to a wider audience.

It’s not just the regular player who benefits from all these recent changes either. Cloud9 just revealed their latest project, Flashpoint. Flashpoint is a formal competitive league, similar to that of the Overwatch and CoD League, that aims to bring stability to CS:GO’s competitive scene. Growth to both the core game and its eSports scene have no doubt contributed to CS:GO’s immense success as of late.

There have also been significant efforts to improve the FPS’ toxicity and cheating issues. It’s clear that Valve is taking CS:GO very seriously and if they keep up these promising changes, the franchises’ ceiling may be far higher than we ever thought.