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Untitled Goose Review

A goose has taken the gaming world by storm, and I am here to tell you why. So hold onto your keys, board up your home, and lets talk about a bad goose whose on the loose.


Back in 2017, House House announced their newest game in development. The trailer portrayed a goose, that waddled around terrorizing a seemingly calm English village.

As they had yet to name the game, it was simply listed; “Untitled Goose Game.”

In no time at all, the trailer caught fire, and was all over social media. Everyone seemed to love the idea of an “Untitled Goose Game“, and so House House let the name stick. The game is now available for both Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Only two weeks after being released, UGG has become the number one most purchased game on the Nintendo Switch. Effectively knocking out Links Awakening from the top spot.

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This is a game about a goose, hellbent on going down as this particular village’s most notorious disturbance in history. The goose seemingly has no motive, but is determined none the less.

There. That’s the plot for you. Looking for a deep, emotional, plot-driven game? Go check out Fire Emblem: Three Houses! If not, then you are in the right place.

Game play:

Untitled Goose game is a puzzle based game that allows you to take on the role of the goose.

You will be given a list of tasks to get done, such as “steal gatekeepers keys” or “scare little boy”. It will be up to you, to find the best way for your goose to accomplish these tasks.

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Broom lady is rude

There are only three controls, make the goose honk, make the goose flap wings, and interact with objects. Pretty basic stuff on the surface, but you are thrown in as the goose with practically no explanation.

Because of this, it may take a second for you to adjust your mind to how the game works. Or better yet how a gooses mind works.

Final Thoughts:

This game is short and sweet, but will scratch an itch you never knew you had. Playing as the goose is honestly really fun, and will provide you with a unique type of escapism.

You get to act as a bully, but not in an overly malicious way, or in a way that truly impacts others. At the end of the game you aren’t left feeling appalled at certain things you may have done in this role. You simply laugh at the hilarious pranks you pulled as a harmless goose.

Untitled Goose Game‘s short length also turns out to be a good thing, as it makes sure not to overstay its welcome. You will be left with a feeling of joy, due to everything from the incredible background music, art style, and certainly the gooses shenanigans.

Untitled Goose Game is more than just a meme paradise, it is actually a wonderful game. You feel immersed into the role of a horrible goose, and with so many things to interact with, the game provides plenty of bang for its buck.

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