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Untitled Goose On The Loose!

Who would have guessed that the number one trending game this past week was going to be a game about a rambunctious goose.

As of October 1st, the Untitled Goose Game stood as the second most purchased/popular game on the Nintendo Switch Eshop. (Second only to Links Awakening which has only just released)

I literally went out and bought a Switch so that I could play the Untitled Goose Game.

Game X Change Employee (my local game store)

So what is this game, and why has it become such a popular phenomenon? The Untitled Goose Game is set in a peaceful English village, and you are a “horrible” goose. This stealth puzzle game developed by House House, sets your main objective as bothering the inhabitants of the village.

The Untitled Goose Game is a simple, but very entertaining puzzle game. The hype is certainly not just based on making fun of a game about a goose. From disturbing the poor villagers, to honking at your unsuspecting victims; the game is all but guaranteed to bring you pure joy

Untitled Goose currently has a 98% approval rating from Google users as of 10/4. That is an insanely good rating. For comparison, the critically acclaimed brand new Links Awakening only has a 94% approval rating.

Image result for untitled goose game
Links Awakening’s spotlight was harshly stolen by the Untitled Goose.

The gaming community isn’t the only group obsessed with the troublesome goose, there have been a insane amount of memes lately starring our untitled anti-hero.

So what will it be gamers? A puzzle solving, dungeon crawling remastered Zelda classic. Or the Untitled Goose on the loose.

UGG Teaser Trailer

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