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Pokemon GO Gets Unova Injection


It’s taken a while but Niantic finally dropped the first Unova Pokemon yesterday. Pokemon GO got its first Sinnoh drop way back in October of last year. Eleven months later and the first handful of Gen 5 Pokemon are making their way across.

This first batch will only bring eight Pokemon. The three starters, Patrat, Lillipup, Purrloin, Bliztle, and their evolutions. Throughout September Niantic is aiming to bring a total of 45 Unova Pokemon to GO. Feel free to read the full list. Some noticeable inclusions are Excadrill, Ferrothorn, Chandelure, Golurk, and Zweilous. Interestingly, Hydreigon didn’t make the cut. It’s possible it ‘s too strong for the first batch.

Is there any Unova Pokemon that could change the GO meta? Possibly. Gen 5 features various powerhouse Pokemon. Hydreigon, Volcarona, and Haxorus should all be strong when they drop. There are thirteen legendaries in the Unova Pokedex. It’s inevitable that one of them will be meta. My bets on Zekrom or Kyurem. Especially if Kyurem White/Black follows in the future.

Fan’s have a lot to be excited about in the future. Unova features the largest amount of new Pokemon of any generation to date. The Unova Pokedex features an impressive 156 new Pokemon. That’s 5 more than Kanto, 49 more than Sinnoh and 84 more than Kalos. It also happens to feature my favorite Pokemon, Emolga. That’s worth double points.

The generation 5 games came under scrutiny when they were released. Game Freak aimed to deliver a brand new experience but not everyone agreed. Black and White strayed away from the winning formula and took a risk. Personally, I believe fifth-gen produced some of the best games in the series. Their business model to produce a direct sequel with Black and White 2 was a great idea too.