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Unlock Lego Bastion In Overwatch

Every now and then Overwatch has a small in-game event where you can unlock a free skin for a hero, just by playing the game. These skins are usually nothing to write home (on online) about. Usually. The Lego themed Bastion skin you can unlock with the current event is completely the opposite – it’s superb!

From 17 – 30 September, you can earn Lego themed Overwatch rewards, which include five sprays, six player icons, and the legendary Brick Bastion skin. There are two ways for you to unlock these rewards. Firstly, by winning games in either Quick Play, Competitive Play or Arcade. Secondly, by watching participating streamers during their allotted time slots.

Neither of the two ways to earn rewards is particularly difficult. Any Overwatch player will be able to complete the required nine wins by 30 September and leaving Twitch open in the background while the participating streamers are live is even easier. While easy to earn rewards and nice, this event feels like a missed opportunity for Blizzard and Overwatch. They could have created something more unique and Lego themed. Collecting bricks, assembling your bastion. It didn’t really even require new gameplay (although that would have been great), just an interface where players could have built their Bastion. Maybe applied their own colors so they’re all unique. Alas, maybe next time.

As mentioned, the in-game rewards just require you to win games. Three wins will earn you two player icons, six wins gets you a Pharah and Mercy spray, and nine wins unlocks the amazing Brick Bastion skin.

For the Twitch drops you will first need to ensure you’ve connected your Blizzard account to Twitch. Once that’s done you can start watching, or lurking. Watching for two hours will unlock a D.Va spray, four hours gets you a Tracer and Widowmaker player icon and watching for six hours unlocks a Hanzo and Genji player icon, as well as Hanzo and Genji Lego themed sprays – which are super cool.

There’s a short video that highlights everything you can earn in the Brick Bastion Challenge, but it doesn’t give us much to go on when it comes to the Bastion skin itself. We can see that when it changes from tank mode back to recon mode, there is a nice Lego themed building sound, but there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of animation – hopefully there is a bit more when Bastion changes from recon to sentry mode. It would also be great if Bastion’s Lego pieces all fall apart when he dies. And, here’s the biggest hope of all, it would be beyond awesome if Blizzard have snuck in some new voice lines from other heroes, warning teammates not to step of the pieces of Brick Bastion when he dies. Please let this be a thing!

If you’re in the USA, you can also get some pretty decent discounts on actual Overwatch Lego from the Blizzard Gear Store while the event is live.

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