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The Last of Us 2 Trailer

Well. It has happened Last of Us fans. We finally got The Last of Us Part II trailer and release date we have coveted for so long.

I know that I am not the only gamer who has the privilege of saying that The Last of Us had a lasting impact on me. Especially as someone who plays a majority of RPG or “story heavy” video games. This game has forever been in the back of my mind due to how intense, raw, and beautiful the narrative is. In my opinion, it changed how people perceived video games. LOU changed how cinematic’s are done in games, and helped us immerse ourselves in a game as though we were watching a movie.

Now here we are, six years later, and we have the trailer for the Last of Us Part II. On 09/24/19, Sony went ahead and released this official trailer, along with a release date so close we can practically taste it. February 21st, 2020.

The official Last of Us 2 Trailer. Game set to release on 02/21/2020

This trailer is everything we could have hoped for. The perfect amount of story, and game play was displayed. The graphics look stunning once again, and I was simply captivated by the trailer from start to finish.

It definitely appears that Ellie is going to go through some intense, next level s***. Based off of this trailer, it seems to me that this game is going to be centered around revenge. We see Ellie beaten by a group who seems to force her to watch her friend/girlfriends death. Now she is out for vengeance against a powerful group of psychopaths. (Again just my assumptions).

You have no idea what you are walking into. You don’t know how large that group is. How armed…


The trailer ends with a very pleasant surprise, as Joel finally makes his dramatic entrance. I think we will see a dynamic change in their roles, as Ellie will be the more distant and moody one. Also we will probably play as Joel less than the first game, if at all

On top of this trailer and release date we were also shown all five different editions which we could purchase the Last of Us 2. This includes a Ellie Edition, Collectors Edition, Special Edition, and more. Here is the link to check these out, although I will include a picture of the Ellie Edition below.

Ellie Edition.

Are you excited for The Last of Us Part II? Will you splurge for the Ellie Edition? Comment your thoughts below!

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