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The Biggest Battle Royale: PlanetSide Arena Launches September 19.

PlanetSide Arena is not a battle royale game. Sure, you’ll find it listed in the battle royale category in your games store of choice, but it’s much bigger and much more ambitious than that. Daybreak Game Company describe the game as a massive-scale, match-based, sci-fi arena shooter. Or more simply: an MMOFPS (massively multiplayer online first-person shooter).

On September 19th PlanetSide Arena will launch in early-access with two game modes available for players to choose from: Squads Mode (12 players per squad) and Teams Mode (3 players per team). Both will take place in a battlefield with 300 players. Imagine being three of 300 players trying to survive a battle and win? That sounds epic! And it’s just the start.

The PlanetSide Arena dev team released a letter outlining where they’d like to take the game and this short paragraph has us really, really exited: “We’ve always thought of PlanetSide as an evolving saga that will eventually escalate beyond Auraxis to interstellar war, and PlanetSide Arena is where it will start. Expanded factions, new weapons and vehicles, battles on distant alien planets (and the space in between) are all part of our vision.”

They then go on to talk about a 1,000-player mode called Massive Clash that will be coming in 2020. 1,000 players! All our sci-fi space battle dreams are coming true. The sheer scale of the battles aside, there are also some other neat aspects of PlanetSide Arena that will make it a breath of fresh oxygen in the battle arena genre.

At launch there will be three classes with different abilities, utilities and playstyles. Progress through deep tech trees and unlock new suits, weapons, vehicles and mods to customize your soldier further. You’ll also start each match with your own lightning-fast jetpack and a hovercraft.

You’re obviously very excited about getting into PlanetSide Arena now, so here are your two options for purchase at launch: The PlanetSide Arena: Recruit Edition for $19.99, which contains a copy of the base game, crates, and the Early Access exclusive Alpha Strike banner. Or the PlanetSide Arena: Legendary Edition for $49.99, which gets you the base game, the banner, and more crates than the Recruit Edition, plus you also receive the exclusive M-20 Tempest skin and Alpha Strike armor skins for the Assault, Medic, and Engineer classes.

P.S. The PlanetSide Arena map is 64 square kilometers.

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