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Sony Promises “The Future” Will Be Announced At CES 2020


CES is an annual technology show where consumers get a chance at seeing the newest gadgets in person. Last year’s CES saw the announcement of HTC Vive Pro Eye, the world’s first 1TB SD card, and LG’s rollable 65 inch TV. Whilst we don’t know exactly what to expect this year, Sony is already promising some big things.

At CES 2020 Sony is unveiling a unique vision of the future, bringing creativity and technology together like never before, to unleash new sensations and emotions

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Honestly, all of this means nothing. It’s just filler, PR talk to get a few people excited. But what can you actually expect? Presumably, both the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation VR will frontline Sony’s CES announcements. I wouldn’t expect a formal debut of the PS5, that’ll come at E3 2020, but some teaser details could be released.

An example of Sony’s 8K TV announced at CES 2019.

Of course, Sony isn’t just a gaming company. No doubt they’ll see CES as an ideal platform to reveal potential new TV models. A recent leak suggests a 75 and 85 inch Z8H range as well as new A9H and A8H OLED options. The main focus for Sony and its competitors will be trying to lower the price of 8k TVs. Even though they are already on the market, a good one can cost well over $3500.

Where Do I Watch CES 2020?

Needless to say, CES 2020 is a big deal. In the games industry especially, it is often considered second only to E3 for catching major announcements. Outside of Sony, I have no doubt Microsoft, Samsung, Google, Apple, and all of the other technology titans will have something to show off.

If you want to watch Sony’s CES 2020 live stream, you may have to prepare to stay up. It’s set for a January 7th, 01:00 am GMT start which is a little rough on us Europeans. Fortunately, any lucky North Americans can catch it far earlier either mid-day or late evening depending on your time zone.