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Smash Ultimate – Top 8 Fan Picked DLC characters

Smash Ultimate has truly lived up to its name, not only was the starting roster filled to the brim with great picks, but the first round of DLC fighters was mind blowing.

With the addition of Joker from Persona 5, Nintendo has basically told us, “Hey, forget being straight Nintendo, we are celebrating great games!” So here is a list of the top 8 fan wanted DLC characters. (Full disclosure, we are going with realistic picks, Master Chief is more than likely not getting in sorry).

8. King Mickey: Kingdom Hearts

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King Mickey from Kingdom Hearts is possibly the least discussed character on this list, but his addition wouldn’t be random. If Sakurai was looking to add a less-anime looking character, then Mickey would make more sense than Sora.

Of course you would have to ask whether or not Disney would give consent for their most recognizable mascot to enter the scrap. Although with Disney trying to get its hands on so many things these days, I doubt they would hold Mickey back.

“Can you imagine wailing on Mickey Mouse as Princess Peach? That sounds like a fever dream [that must come true].”

Brittany Basitan

7. DoomSlayer: Doom

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Doom Slayer rips and tears through the battlefield! Doom Slayer entering the smash arena has been laughed at up until recently. Mostly because of the argument that “Doom is irrelevant in Japan.” While this argument may not be wrong, it is important to recognize that Smash Ultimate has been accommodating to its Western audience lately. Recently adding Banjo-Kazooie; a character irrelevant to Japan.

Not to mention fact that Doom Eternal has been announced for the Nintendo Switch. All this has made Doom Slayer’s debut, all but certain. Oh, and for those of you thinking he is too “mature” to be allowed into Smash. I simply point you into the direction of Snake, Bayonetta, and Joker.

6. Steve: Minecraft

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Steve may be one of the most iconic video game characters. Everyone from young children to parents know Steve from Minecraft. Not to mention that the game itself is universally loved and recognized for its greatness.

Minecraft is also on Switch, as well as the impending release of Minecraft Dungeons. Good arguments exist as to why Steve should or shouldn’t be in Smash, but the chances look pretty decent.

5. Waluigi

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Do I need to make an argument for Waluigi? No? Thanks. It really is a shame that a staple Mario character isn’t finding his way into the game’s roster when other randos are.

4. Dante: Devil May Cry

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The demon hunter was rumored to be a DLC character all the way back in Ultimates initial release. When asked the directors at Capcom stated that they would be more than willing to allow Dante, but felt that one of his games needed to be added to a Nintendo system first.

In just a few short months Nintendo’s recent release of the original Devil May Cry video game dropped on the Switch. All of this has caused fans of the series to speculate his addition into Smash.

3. Lloyd Irving: Tales of Symphonia

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While many people in the west may be too uncultured to know who Lloyd is (kidding my dudes). He is currently voted the number one most anticipated character for Japanese fans. The Tales series is probably the third most famous RPG series overseas, and it has caught on in the west as well.

Lloyd is the main protagonist of the Gamecube game, Tales of Symphonia. His addition to smash makes sense, not only because his move-sets would flow perfectly into smash format. But the Tales series currently has no representatives, making this an ideal time for him to join the fight.

2. Geno: Super Mario RPG

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Geno is possibly one of the more random characters that the Smash Community wants added to the roster. Geno is a possessed puppet that helps Mario in, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Geno ends up becoming one of the better party members in the game, and even know this was his only appearance, his assistance is requested by the community.

Although it is very important to remember that Geno is owned by Square Enix. The whole reason there was never a sequel to Super Mario RPG was that Nintendo and Square couldn’t reach an understanding. This is important to keep in mind, however I personally feel that this would be a far better inclusion than Paper Mario.

1. Sora: Kingdom Hearts

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Sora has a number one if not top spot in just about every countries upcoming DLC Smash list. He is without a doubt the most likely character to make his way into the roster as well.

While Sakurai has thrown us a few curveballs, the demand for a Kingdom Hearts representative is huge, and who better than Sora? Also there have been several Kingdom Hearts games that have been released on previous Nintendo titles, so that only strengthens the argument for Sora.

Who do you want added to Smash Ultimate? Comment Below!

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