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Six things I would like to see within the Final Fantasy VII Remake

After multiple years of waiting, the Final Fantasy VII Remake is very nearly within our grasp. Scheduled for release on the 10th of April; we will be venturing once again into the exceptionally industrial but breathtaking metropolis of Midgar. This article will go through what I would like to see most from the remake; from dialogue choices to lore. Let us begin.

Fleshed out and impactful dialogue choices

The graphics are absolutely stunning, as is Aerith; impressive work of lighting is omnipresent.

In the original Final Fantasy 7, players had several moments within the game where they could make a dialogue choice. These choices oftentimes had large impacts, for example, your choice may have determined who you would be able to go on a date with during the game. Likewise; some choices would even go so far as to omit you from being able to gain an extra party member for the journey ahead unless you had chosen very specific options. However, you could always try and gain this companion again throughout the game up until a certain point, nonetheless; a sense of risk-and-reward was unequivocally present.

Looking ahead to the remake; it is unclear whether we will witness dialogue choices. If there was an inclusion of dialogue choices I believe that it would create an extra layer of player choice; also injecting a part of the franchises bygone roots into the modern generation Final Fantasies. As an illustration, some of these choices could be very simple, perhaps subtle choices to choose from when talking with party members. In the same fashion, some choices could be extremely dynamic and alter an end result of a quest or story beat. There are numerous possibilities that can be achieved with dialogue choices and this is why I would quite like to see it included in one form or another.

Midgar as an open-world space

It is gorgeous, is it not?

This is a point which will be very controversial to a few as I know some people would not want to see an open-world space contained within the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Personally, I would be satisfied if it was present, for the following reasons which I’ll talk about. The latest instalment within the mainstream series was Final Fantasy XV. The game had contained a fully open-world space for players to explore and revel within. Oftentimes I would find myself simply taking in the expansive vistas on my way to various destinations to pick up new sidequests; hunts, and so forth. In the Final Fantasy VII remake; I would like to see a few open-world aspects. Not necessarily a full open-world but simply spaces where we can pick up sidequests (as have been shown in trailers and reveals) and explore parts of Midgar until our hearts are content.

Perhaps there could be different hidden activities for the party members to undertake within each new area but these would only be found by players who did a small portion of exploring to find a certain building, for example. Or another exciting prospect could be secret bosses and harder enemies which gave a bundle of loot to players who ventured into unknown places and sliced down the formidable enemies. There is a lot of possibilities by having small parts of Midgar “Open-World”.

Compendium/more lore!

It’s good seeing the party back together again.

The lore of the Final Fantasy universe is simply exquisite and I would like to see a whole lot more of it. With the Final Fantasy VII Remake arriving; it would be a perfect time to include more lore about the world which we will be inhabiting for a long time to come. Final Fantasy XV implemented a “bestiary” feature after launch which showcased to players information about enemies, the world, and allies.

There could be something similar present within the remake; perhaps a compendium. Imagine after killing an enemy that you wanted to learn more about it. You open up the nifty compendium, go to the enemy section, and there you might find a little background lore on that enemy, their weaknesses and strengths. Likewise, what about if every time you went to a new area, there was a section in the compendium which detailed the lore about that area, allowing you to have a more profound understanding of a location.

A brilliant example of utilising research as a gameplay mechanic can be seen within BioShock. Once the player had access to the “Research camera” they could then go ahead and take pictures of enemies. Every time they reached a threshold score for taking an image of a particular enemy they would receive an advantage over that enemy. This would oftentimes be seen in the form of a particular ammo type causing more damage to that enemy. In the same vein, this could be seen within the remake. How about every time that you killed a certain number of a singular enemy, you would get a bonus damage percentage for a certain party member? A compendium is one of the features that I would most like to see included.

Difficulty levels/ultra-hard difficulty

Materia looks more real than ever.

Another feature that I would be ecstatic to see within the remake would have to be different difficulty levels. As the game won’t be entirely based on turn-based combat now there is going to be plenty of alterations to the combat. It will be fast, fluid, and more dynamic than ever. This fluidity will make players think about their next attacks and decisions with rapid succession. When we play through the game we will want a high replayability value and what is better for that than having different difficulty levels that force players out of their comfort zones. We would have to adapt and learn much more about the combat with meticulous precision if an “ultra-hard” difficulty was included. Having these different difficulty types could also draw players in from other genres who want to test their sharpened skills against the enemies from the universe of Final Fantasy.

More than anything by having an ultra-hard difficulty it would add yet another layer of tactical, on-the-go thinking for players to harness.

Switching between the classic music score and the new one

I still can’t get over how beautiful everything looks!

As I am writing this article I am listening to the entire Final Fantasy VII soundtrack and it got me thinking about how amazing it would be if there was a feature that let us switch between both music scores; the renowned classic, and the pristine new one. I have seen a few people talking about this on forums such as Reddit and I think it would be an excellent addition. The music of the original Final Fantasy VII defined—dare I say—a generation and raised the bar for the industry in terms of gameplay, graphics, and music.

There is an effusive fountain of nostalgia attached to the original soundtrack and it would be a shame to not see it make an appearance within the remake in one way or another. The music of the Final Fantasy series is, in my opinion, one of the best out there. the magnificently crafted score adds to our enjoyment of every game in the series. Without a doubt, I’m sure that regardless of whether or not the classic makes it in or not, we’ll remember the upcoming new score for generations to come.

Enjoyable and intriguing trophies

The clash of titans

I myself love hunting down trophies so within the Final Fantasy VII remake I would like to see fun trophies for us to earn. Trophies which are unique and make us want to actively spend time trying to earn them. Achievements which force us to go off the beaten track are one of my favourite types to try and earn. However, at the same time, trophies which are completely unlike anything we’ve had to try and earn before would entrance me to try and earn that glistening platinum trophy and add it to my collection.


Not long to go now folks!

There you have it everyone, these are just a few of the features I would like to see within the remake. Have you got any personal ideas of what you would most like to see within the remake? If so, feel free to comment down below and we can have a chat about it!

Other than that, thank you very much for reading as always and have an excellent day!


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