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Six of the Longest Attack Animations That Still Feel Like They Aren’t Finished

Attack animations are one of the most important aspects of any game, they set the tone of an attack and can look superb. Sometimes however the animations that come with these attacks are so long that you could practically make a sandwich during them. To start off this list I’m going to be talking about one of the longest attack animations in gaming, that being the “Supernova” attack in Final Fantasy 7…

Major spoilers for Final Fantasy 7, Fallout 3, and minor spoilers for the rest.


(Safer) Sephiroth – Final Fantasy VII

My personal footage.

After taking my journey through the breathtaking and awe-inspiring adventure of Final Fantasy 7; I eagerly marched my way into the final area, the ‘Northern Cave’. Once the Random encounters were taken care of on my way to the destination, I reached the ‘Center of the Planet’. This was it. The culmination of all past moments led to this penultimate path, I swiftly took care of Jenova Synthesis and the other monsters before the final climactic battle with Sephiroth. Cloud, Tifa, and Yuffie were ready to fight, and so was I.

The battle commenced, a few minutes later, the first phase of the battle was complete; the monstrosity fell to the ground. A black screen ominously was staring at me, with the faint hints of music in the background. With no hesitation, a burst of light flared from the screen and I was now fighting Sephiroth’s final form. I made my first attack, and then, the word appeared “Supernova”.

The Attack

The animation started, constellation maps were shown and equations flooded the screen. That, my friends, is when you know that something serious is about to happen. A comet came—slowly– into view, heading for the Milky Way Galaxy. It entered the orbit, we were now on what could only be described as an odyssey with this comet. By the end of the animation, we felt like we knew this comets’ struggles, its suffering as it obliterated Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in one animation. But no. Unquestionably the comet was not done yet, it was heading for the Sun, the impact had occurred. Our own Sun was devastated by this comet; it started to expand, taking out other planets with it, now heading for Gaia.

Not only was it heading for Gaia, but it was also heading for the party; solar energy was approaching my team. They stood shoulder to shoulder as if to somehow hope for protection from the 15,000,000 degrees heat that was being eradiated near them that should’ve already scorched the entire planet. A flash…

The animation was finished, the odyssey was complete, a full two minutes had passed. I thought Cloud and the others were gonners; but not to worry, the energy of the sun only took Cloud and the party down to a critical level of health. The battle resumed, I was happy it was over. A few turns passed and Sephiroth once again cast “Supernova”. If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to make a sandwich.

One of the protagonist’s attacks

Super Robot Wars: Original Generation Gaiden

This video footage belongs to “jauncapo10” on YouTube. Skip to 1:25 for the attack being discussed.

When thinking of ideas for this list, I immediately remembered that when talking about long animations to other people, the ‘Super Robot Wars’ series was always a topic for discussion, and rightly so, some of the attacks are very time-consuming; or simply over the top. For this entry, I’ve chosen one which encompasses both aspects.

When the attack starts, the protagonist prepares with purpose, stretches ensue as he knows the strain that the attack will cause on his mech suit. Preparation is a necessity for this attack. With preparations complete, our protagonist appears to become an effusive catalyst for energy as the sky works in tandem with the mech, as lightning strikes down onto him. The ground shatters with the cataclysmic impact.

Afterward, our protagonist charges forward like a fusion core, speeding across the land to get a few punches into his foe and unleashes a brutal uppercut; sending them into the air. It’s not over yet though, next, a flurry of beams is sent shooting into our opponent, eventually being punched again. This time through a mountain, shattering it in half. If that isn’t over the top, I don’t know what is.

Catastrophe Summon

Golden Sun: The Lost Age

This video footage belongs to “roymbrog” on YouTube.

Next up we’ve got a summon, in the form of catastrophe; literally. Te attack starts by us seeing who will be dishing out the contemplated damage, a dark knight with a large weapon to say the least. The attack begins by us being taken on a tour by this knight, following its movements. Next, the sword creates a pyramid of dark light over the land, before all of it being unleashed. After this part has ended, gushing energy floods the area where the party is currently fighting and a spirt dragon swarms the opponents. I have to say, the dragon looked great as it flew through the purple energy.


Ultimate Skill – Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance

This video footage belongs to “Moondog McGee” on YouTube.

Macrocosm/ultimate Skill in Disgaea 5 takes the cake for being one of the most over the top attack on this list. The attack starts with the character doing a whole lotta punches on the opponent, each getting roughly 6502 damage off. Then we go onto the inevitable phase 2, the character whips up and flies diagonally upwards into the air before kicking his foe and then going back in for even more attacks then slamming them into the ground. Finally, in the third phase, we charge up a mass of energy and beam it down onto our foe. . . I’m pretty sure they’re no longer with us.

Bahamut Fury

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

This video footage belongs to “kiefer23” on YouTube.

We’ve got another entry from the Final Fantasy series (there are a lot of long animations) and this time our old friend Bahamut gets a feature. Specifically, Bahamut Fury; when the attack starts we get a lovely perspective on the world before a swift cut to Bahamut flying wreathed in shimmering golden metal. As we follow Bahamut gliding gracefully through space, it comes to a halt and prepares the attack. Bahamut alters its body to start the process, without a moment’s notice; Bahamut sends out shards that surround the moon effortlessly creating a transparent ring around it.

The next phase of the attack starts with Bahamut charging up an innumerable mass of electricity around itself, shrouding its entire self within the amalgamation of sparks. When the reservoir looks like it has built up, it is fired into our moon. Notably, the moon does not stand much of a chance against this energy as it begins to disintegrate, beforehand though, the moon ends up outputting this energy down into Gaia thanks to the shards surrounding the moon.

This Creates a tsunami of ash across a massive portion of Gaia. That’s not the best part though, this attack can not only be done once in a fight but multiple times!

Pikachu Z-Move

Pokemon Sun and Moon

This video footage belongs to “TheKingNappy” on YouTube. Skip to 0:22 for the attack being discussed.

The Final attack on our list is one which is not as long as the others but absolutely hilarious, so I had to include it or I’d be doing you all a disservice. Pikachu is a force to be reckoned with in this attack; when his Z-move starts he jumps up into the sky and is held in an orb of stasis. The skies open up around him as lightning bolts flood the area.

Although Pikachu is meant to look intimidating here, I think he just looks adorable as always; and with his little cap on! However, this opinion quickly changes when at the end of the attack he emits a spectrum of colors that rush towards the opponent creating the equivalent blast of Megaton from Fallout 3. I think the trainer should take a few steps back when Pikachu is charging up his Z-move; or you know, a mile backward… just in case.


There you have it everyone, a list of some of the longest attack animations in gaming. if you liked this sort of feature, let me know in the comments and I’ll work on more for you all.

Thank you very much for reading and as always, have a lovely day!

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