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Shipment Returns to Modern Warfare But Its Borderline Unplayable


The rest of Season 1’s content was released yesterday. This update saw Shipment and Vacant both drop to live servers as 6v6 maps. Shipment is also a 2v2 map for the popular game mode Gunfight. However, many players who have gotten hands-on with Shipment have noticed something is wrong.


The spawns. The spawns are horrific. No one booted up Shipment expecting a well-balanced map but Modern Warfare has somehow made the spawning issue worse than ever. In older games, the issue was that LMGs could spray through the containers across the map. In Modern Warfare 2019, it’s that you often spawn within a few feet of an enemy.

In one instance, I was reloading in a corner and an enemy spawned in the very same corner I was in. He immediately knifed me. There are countless clips out there of players getting multi-kills by effectively shooting a single spot over and over. Shipment’s core issue seems to be that it’s bad at knowing when to switch spawns and it’s bad at knowing where safe spots are.

Screenshot is taken from THE ONE BOOM recent video covering Vacant.


Fortunately, Vacant has survived the modern reimagination better than both shipment and Crash. Some people won’t be happy with the addition of doors but on the whole, it plays as expected. Obviously, Modern Warfare mentality has led to an increase of corner camping and claymores. Also, as always, shotguns are very strong on this map so expect plenty of 725 abuse.


This patch finally brings back regular Gunfight after Infinity Ward trialled their OSP version. Needless to say, it failed. Many players did not enjoy the new take on what was their favourite game mode. A common complaint is that Infinity Ward keeps removing popular game modes to make space for others. Case in point, with the introduction of Shipment and Vacant comes the removal of Shoothouse 24/7.

Yes, they’ve removed Shoothouse 24/7 again. I really question if these guys have any clue what their community wants. From the loud footsteps to the skill-based matchmaking, they have failed to answer their fans’ main concerns. Modern Warfare has some great potential but if Infinity Ward doesn’t get their act together it will go to waste.