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San Francisco Shock Roll Titans To Win Overwatch Grand Finals


Those who tuned into the Overwatch Grand Finals yesterday may have been left disappointed. Even as someone who favored the Shock, the one-sidedness of the game didn’t make for a great watch. San Francisco trounced Vancouver 4-0 in a final that was over rather quickly. In truth, the Titans never looked like a winning team.

Watch the full Grand Finals highlights here!

Map 1 – Lijiang Tower


It was no fluke that the Shock won. Their entire team played sensational from start to finish. On Control Center, Choihyobin looked untouchable on Sigma. He even picked up a nice little 3k to finish off the round. However, Haksal one-upped this on Night Market with a well-worked pull-slam combo. Tizi and Haksal’s combo took out five of the Shock’s six-man team. Vancouver looked like they were going to edge-out Night Market but another Choihyobin pop out late on sealed Shock’s map 1 victory.

Map 2 – Eichenwalde


For Eichenwalde, Shock pulled out an unusual Mei, Bastion composition on attack. This surprise strategy caught the Titans completely off-guard. San Francisco rushed the point, set up their Bastion and capped with ease. Architect’s Bastion would result in Shock winning every team fight on village phase. Finally, in the Eichenwalde castle, a moment of brilliance from Architect finished the Shock’s push. Using Bastion’s rocket jump during Tank: Configuration, Architect made his way onto the chandelier and rained damage from down on the Titans. A brilliant piece of improvisation.

The Titans would respond with an equally impressive push, finishing just two seconds behind the Shock. On their round 3 push, it looked like the Titans were going to capture the first point. Once again though, the Shock’s incredible DPS clutched up. This time Rascal hit a huge three-man Barrage followed into a two-shot of Twilight on Ana and the finishing blow on Slime. A five-man feed to win a map in the Grand Finals. Not too bad.

Map 3 – Temple of Anubis


Moving onto map 3, Temple of Anubis. JJanu produced some magic to help the Titans finish second with 1:35 left. The Shock had to go to overtime just to capture the first point. It seemed the Titans could finally get an advantage. However, it wasn’t to be. The Shock walked onto point B and absolutely rolled the Titans. With hardly any ultimates used, the Shock had managed to finish with 2:12 on the clock.

Seominsoo’s Reaper would help the Titans cap first once again in round 3. A huge three-man Blossom carried a fight that was starting to look shaky. San Francisco would go on to comfortably hold Point B. A decent push by the Titans. However, once again Vancouver would fail under pressure. Striker pushed the Titans’ tanks to an early death in round 4. With no front line, the Titans were forced to back up and defend Point B.

Despite holding the Shock’s first push, San Francisco came into the next fight with all six ultimate online. With a good old fashioned “everyone press Q,” play, the Shock took map 3 convincingly. Matchpoint San Francisco.

Map 4 – Watchpoint: Gibraltar

Given their losses, this was the fourth straight map Vancouver chose to play. The other hadn’t worked out and Gibraltar wouldn’t either. The Shock pulled out Architect’s Bastion again and it was as effective as ever. In fact, they were getting so much value out of the Bastion pick that they were able to save ultimates for the end of second. Here, Choihyobin’s Gravitic Flux and Viol2t’s Coalescence would wipe out the Titans despite them using Beat.

San Francisco went into third with a staggering 4:12 on the clock. More so than any other map, the Titans were getting rolled. A Seominsoo 4K would slow down the Shock just a little and buy Vancouver some much needed time. The next fight should have been the Titans’ after using Grav Flux but Architect made it difficult to follow up. Pushing into a Bastion just isn’t viable when he can shred through double shield so easily. Especially when combined with Baptiste’s Amplification Matrix.

The Shock moved into their last team fight with no ultimates whilst Vancouver had both Beat and Blizzard to use. Unfortunately, a brilliant wall from Rascal cut off Slime’s line of sight resulting in both Haksal and JJanu not getting shields. They were disposed of quickly. Now 6v4, the Shock would go on to get a full capture with 1:52 left over.


The Titans would push through first but they were already way behind the Shock for time. Compared to the Shock’s 4:12 at the end of second, Vancouver approached the end of second with just 1:33. Even after winning the team fight and getting some extra time, they were over 90 seconds behind. At the Overwatch League level, that’s practically three fights worth. A huge team stagger actually let the Titans get all the way to the last fight. They needed to win this. They didn’t.

Not learning from past mistakes, it would be Architect’s Bastion that won San Francisco their first title. Set up on the high ground at the back coupled with his favorite Baptiste ultimate, Architect mowed down Tizi, Jjanu, and Slime. Finally, Architect popped Tank: Configuration to deal with Seominsoo. It was over.