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San Andreas’ Protagonist CJ’s Voice Actor Hates Rockstar Games


Recent rumors have suggested that San Andreas Protagonist Carl “CJ” Johnson could make a return in GTA VI. However, we already know he won’t have the same voice regardless. CJ’s voice actor, Young Maylay, took to Instagram to trash Rockstar Games and count himself out.

To kill the rumors, I’m not involved in GTA VI at all. Fu*k Rockstar Games, period. CJ will have to be voice by another MF but not me, IDGAF what y’all heard.

Young Maylay, Instagram

Unfortunately, Maylay didn’t go into detail about what went wrong between him and Rockstar. All we know for sure is that Rockstar made a decision to stop using name actors quite a while back. Studio head Dan Houser cited “their egos,” as the main reason behind the decision. That’s right, he got sick of dealing with what he deemed to be arrogant celebrities.


If I had to guess, and this truly is just a guess, it’s possible Maylay wanted to be involved in later titles but got turned down. Given his strong contributions to such an iconic series, he probably felt betrayed by Rockstar. Still, that’s purely speculation. We’ll probably never know for sure exactly what happened between them.

Rockstar’s Previous Fallouts

Interestingly, Maylay isn’t the only example of Rockstar falling out with their voice actors. Both Burt Reynolds and Chuck D have had their fair share of disputes. It was even reported that Burt Reynolds said “Get the limey out of here, presumably aimed at Houser himself. Obviously, that’s hardly a working relationship when your employees are verbally attacking you.

Rockstar still plans to bring in the occasional celebrity voice actor. For instance, Graham Greene voiced Rains Fall in Red Dead Redemption 2. Honestly, their focus on hiring lesser-known voice actors is likely more beneficial for all involved. It may very well be an approach that other developers could learn from.