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RuneFest 2019: OSRS’ Huge Morytania Expansion


The highlight of RuneFest 2019 was definitely the unveil of Archaeology. RuneScape 3’s newest skill adds a much-needed gathering skill to the game. However, it’s not RuneScape 3 that most players are concerned with. Jagex’s Old School RuneScape, a reboot of their 2007 client, actually attracts more active players. Given that, it’s obvious that this too needs a big expansion to please. Fortunately, Jagex didn’t disappoint with the Morytania Expansion.

Morytania is an existing region of Gielinor in the far east. It currently offers Barrow, Ectofuntus training, and the Slayer Tower. Most of its content has become out of date. Morytania first released in 2004. Surprisingly, it hasn’t received all that much love since. RuneFest finally changed that.

Morytania Expansion


Morytania is finally getting a capital city. Darkmeyer is the sizable vampire paradise we’ve been waiting for. Jagex hasn’t been overly transparent with what we’re getting. They promise “new skilling methods,” but don’t go into too much detail. Equally, “a multitude of new shops,” doesn’t mean much either.


However, we do know a few things. For starters, at 60 Thieving you’ll be able to pickpocket Vampyre lords and ladies. These Vampyres have a chance to drop Blood Shards. Those familiar with RuneScape 3 have already seen this idea. Blood Shards can be attached to other amulets and provide a self-healing perk in return. Unlike RuneScape 3, it looks like OSRS will only let you use the tier 75 Amulet of Torture.


At 75 mining players will be able to make the most of Morytania’s new mine. Here, a previously rare resource will be available, daeyalt. Beforehand, daeyalt could only be mined after the Darkness of Hallowvale quest. It was also a very limited resource. This should make it easier to obtain at the cost of a higher mining level.

Daeyalt also has a chance to drop daeyalt essence. This essence will provide 50% more RuneCrafting experience than traditional Pure essence. Unfortunately, Jagex has stated this is not quicker than traditional methods if mined. If tradable, it could be a faster method for those with wealth.


Morytania’s new city brings along a new agility course with it. Unlike traditional agility courses, the sepulchre focuses on tomb raiding over parkour. Split up into five levels, the sepulchre will contain various tombs that can be looted for loot and bonus experience. It’s first accessible at level 52 but only those with an elite level 92 Agility can experience the full thing.