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Rumor: The Last of Us Part 2 Comes in February 2020, According to Ellie’s Voice Actress

The Last of Us Part 2

Sony skipped this year’s E3 with unknown reasons to focus on hard working on its three big upcoming exclusive titles and more importantly the development of PlayStation 5. With Death Stranding getting a release date for later this year in November, now players are eagerly looking forward to finally get new information on The Last of Us Part 2 and Ghost of Tsushima. While the latter seems to be still far away from us, Naughty Dog’s next project is probably coming out in February 2020, according to what the game’s voice actress has revealed unintentionally.

During a long interview at Critical Role with Ashley Johnson, the voice actress for Ellie in The Last of Us series, she talked about a lot of aspects of the game and what distinct features have been added to The Last of Us Part 2 in terms of story. If you want to know deeply about the game’s development process, especially the voice acting parts, this new episode from Between the Sheet is definitely worth watching but for now, let’s just focus on a specific moment of this interview in which Johnson was asked about the game’s release date and while she was revealing it, suddenly changed her words.

From 1:07:20 to 1:07:26 we are getting to know about the launch day for The Last of Us Part 2, where Johnson says “I think it’s coming in Fe…” and I’m here to convince you why “Fe…” refers to February. First off, since Johnson uses “in” for saying the release date, it wouldn’t be an exact date, so she either wanted to reveal a specific year or month. While a specific year obviously doesn’t start with a “Fe”, she presumably wanted to say “February” as the release month for The Last of Us Part 2 which totally makes sense.

Sony has got a huge launch for later this year and pushing Naughty Dog’s upcoming game back to early 2020, with at least three months of gap in between is understandable. However, we suggest you to still take it with a grain of salt until the official news comes from Sony itself.