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Retro Corner – Pikmin: Preparation for Pikmin 4

While speculations of a Pikmin 4 are confirmed, and the game has the potential of being released at any time. I think it is a great idea to revisit the game that launched Captain Olimar and his adorable little pikmin creatures into fame. (If you only showed up here to check out Pikmin 4 news, please scroll to the last two paragraphs).

While this game in critically acclaimed, and considered by some to be the best Pikmin game out of the three. I still managed to avoid it like the plague for nearly 12 years. As a GameCube baby, I picked this game up at my local Gamestop solely because the cover intrigued me. Within 10 minutes of game play I about tossed the game at the wall, and stomped it into oblivion. Pikmin was unlike anything I had ever played; its puzzles and demand for careful strategy were beyond my 8 year old gamer skills.

Fortunately throughout the course of life, my video game pallet changed drastically. I soon found myself purchasing Pikmin from my college town’s local game store. From the moment I popped the game into my GameCube I fell in love with it. Captain Olimar’s rocket ship is hit by an asteroid, and he crash lands helplessly onto a foreign planet. With his ship destroyed, and only 30 days of oxygen supply, survival seems impossible. Until the little captain discovers the pikmin plant-creatures, and his ability to control them.

Now on a quest to recover the 30 broken pieces of his ship in 30 days, Olimar sets off on an adventure that will captivate you from beginning to end. The colors, music, and dopey observations made by Olimar will constantly make you smile. Every part of this game captivated me, and I immediately found myself caring about the little pikmin horde I created. Strategizing my days on the dangerous planet, and keeping my pikmin alive were top priorities. I truly wish that I could go back in time and slap some sense into 8 year old Charles. 

Eventually my roommates came out into the living room to see what game I had scooped up that week. None of them had ever heard of Pikmin (uncultured swine) and even though it is only a single player game; they were just as captivated watching as I was playing it.  Not only is the 2001 game still beautiful graphically, but it is also hilarious. The mistakes you will make while getting used to the puzzles and strategies necessary to succeed will leave you surprisingly less frustrated, and more amused. It wasn’t until one of my roommates yelled out, “Did you just march 60 little Pikmin to their death, in order to retrieve a massage chair?” that I truly realized the silliness of the game. For only Pikmin would fearlessly charge into certain death for the comfortable massage chair of their random new alien friend.

Pikmin massacre. The horror…

Getting to play through Pikmin is a unique and fun experience, as I have expressed above. This honestly came as a shock to me, because I had originally purchased the game for only two reasons. Reason 1: to further my GameCube collection (It’s an obvious necessity). Reason 2: to give me something to play in between completing Tales of Symphonia. The problem was once I booted up the game I couldn’t turn it off. On my first night I played all the way until Day 18, and then beat it the next morning. While Pikmin admittedly has stressful moments, and several challenging puzzles. It hit me midway through that I had never felt so relaxed while playing a video game before. Whether it was the charming music, visuals, or a combination of the two; I was completely chilled out and calm throughout my play through.

The original Pikmin may not have as many features or world building as its successors, but revisiting it would be no chore I assure you. If you approach this game seriously, and remember the time in which it was made. You will truly appreciate the beauty and utter weirdness that it is. In my opinion, the fact that this game has far less features than Pikmin 2/3, is actually a good thing. With only one main goal, and one person to look after, Pikmin truly provides the ultimate chilled out experience.

Pikmin 4 News:

Pikmin 4 might be closer than we think.

For some of you the following news is the only reason you clicked on this link, and that’s just fine. Pikmin 4 was one of the few games that was left unmentioned at Nintendo’s 2019 E3 announcements. This silence left many fans of the series confused, and wanting. While there haven’t been any huge breaks recently regarding Pikmin 4, I believe that it is closer to release than any of us may realize. In 2015, Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed that Pikmin 4 was “very close to completion”. He went on to say that, “It is in development but that is all we can confirm at present”. Now obviously these words were spoken quite a long time ago, and Pikmin 4 clearly was delayed for some reason or another.

I feel that it is important to remember the average time Nintendo spends on creating their big title games, Mario, Zelda, etc. Is typically in the 4-7 year range. With this in mind, the fact that almost 4 years ago Miyamoto claimed that the game was close to completion, leads me to believe that Pikmin 4 is right around the corner for the Nintendo Switch. I believe that it is time to build up the hype around our colorful little plant friends once again. Plant friends whom we can march into certain death for our comfortable massage chairs.

Pikmin being Pikmin

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