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VR Review: Evasion VR

VR Review: Evasion VR

When it comes to VR games, I always felt that first-person shooters would be the prime genre for it. I mean, sure you have a number party games that make good use of VR and you’re not totally like “This could’ve just been done as a regular game.” One shooter that caught my attention was Archiatic’s Interactive’s Evasion. 

Evasion VR 

Released back in 2017, initially, Evasion didn’t impress me. When I saw the trailer for it, I won’t lie, it didn’t really stand out at all. It put me in the mind of Unreal somewhat and from Unreal, Wolf 3D, and Doom there have been numerous FPS developed. Some successful, some failed, some innovated, and some forgotten. 

So, it was an uphill battle for Evasion. I’m not the biggest FPS fan so it will take a bit to get any kind reaction out of me when it comes to these games. Evasion did it after I got my hands on it. This was the second VR game I tried, the first being the incredible Tetris Effect. Play that if you haven’t. 

At first, Evasion was a bit disorienting. FPS require crisp reflexes and when you add in that PlayStation VR pretty much puts you in the game, you have to keep your wits about you. It’s a very be quick or be dead experience if you’ve never played an FPS this way before. In some ways, what you think you’re able to do from experience is thrown off. 

That isn’t to say there’s a learning curve here. You’ll adapt quickly and when you’re in the zone in Evasion, you’re in the zone. The visuals and sound are crisp—they really have to be—and the action is amplified. The AIM controller pairs nicely with PlayStation VR as well. 


Evasion is a VR shooter worth playing. I had a blast with it and I’ve actually softened a bit on my stance towards FPS. Would I prefer to play them in a VR setting? Definitely. 

Evasion VR isn’t just the best game going and it could’ve been better with more of a class selection and difficulty but it was unexpectedly enjoyable and did what it set out to do utilizing VR. Also, the game is designed and the story is written with a focus on those four classes, so I can’t entirely fault Archiatic.

This was a good opening to what could be a strong franchise in the future should the studio go that route and players don’t tire of VR.

Rating: 7/10 (Recommended)  

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