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Rainbow Six Seige: Operation Shifting Tides Revealed

Gather around Rainbow Six: Siege fans as once again we are treated to another season reveal. This time the operation is named “Shifting Tides”. The tides are definitely going to be shifting, that’s for certain. Operation Shifting Tides brings in an all-new rifle to Siege, as well as two new Operators and the long-awaited reimagined ‘Theme Park’ map. In this article, we’ll have a look at these new features.

New Operators


Kali is the brand new attacker in Team Rainbow, equipped with a new rifle; the ‘CSRX 300’. This rifle deals massive damage, it is a one-hit down if you shoot your opponent’s torso. This obviously seems like it gives a massive advantage to attackers when they have Kali on their team, however, with the sheer power of the weapon, when fired it will leave behind a smoke trail of where the shot has come from. Giving defenders a fair chance to track the trajectory of the bullet back to Kali.

Kali herself is a two speed, two armor operator. A very balanced operator to say the least. She has enough mobility to reach objectives fast but can hold her own in firefights. Kali’s ability is the ‘LV Explosive Lance’. This gadget is an under-barrel projectile that when fired delves into any wall, breakable, or reinforced, and will explode dispatching of any gadgets in the blast zone on either side of the wall. As shown in the reveal trailer this means that Bandit’s battery charges will be of no use when Kali’s around; as with Mute Jammers too and more.

The Lv-E Lance attaching to Castle’s barricade.

It is also worthwhile mentioning that Kali can choose between a breach charge or a claymore in her equipment slot. As well as being allowed to choose between the ‘P226 Mk25′ pistol or the C75-Auto’ for her secondary weapon.

Kali is going to be a force to be reckoned with when you are defending that all important location.


Up next is Wamai, the all-new defender Operator for Team Rainbow. Wamai comes with an ability that will change the tide of any round. Equipped with the ‘Mag-NET System’. This device will stick to any surface when thrown, walls, floors, ceilings, etc. When in place; the device will detect if any thrown projectile is near it, stop it in midair; bring the projectile towards itself and the projectile will detonate at the location of the Mag-NET. This will allow defenders to create many new strategies. From the trailer we’ve seen, Wamai seems to have five of these high-tech gadgets at his disposal.

Wamai has access to a deployable shield or some barbed wire as his gadget choice; with his primary weapon’s being the ‘Aug-A2’, or the ‘Mp5k’. His secondary weapon can either be the high damage ‘D-40’ revolver or the ‘p-12’ pistol.

Reworked Theme Park map

When Operation Shifting Tides is released we will also be treated to a new rework of the Theme Park map. Many of the elements of the map have been altered. From the Haunted bottom floor being turned into a glistening throne room and also a very nice looking armory. A lot of the rooms have been totally changed from what we’ve seen so far and new passages have been created for access to previously hard to reach areas. I am looking forward to having a more in-depth look at the map when it’s out. Now, just to work out the all-new callouts for the map.


Operation Shifting Tides will be releasing in the very near future. There are plenty of other changes and additions but I wanted to go over the most notable ones. If you’re interested in reading up on more of the operation, you can do so here. I am most looking forward to playing as the new attacker, Kali. Who are you looking forward to playing as? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

Thank you very much for reading and as always; have a lovely day!


Rainbow Six: Siege official Shifting Tides trailer (Images)

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