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PS5 Launch Title ‘Godfall’ Revealed

Godfall is an upcoming “third-person fantasy looter-slasher” which is said to put a large emphasis on melee combat. As of the time being we’ve only been shown a cinematic trailer and no gameplay. Nevertheless, the reveal showcases the graphical capabilities of the game and a little about the story itself.

What studio is developing Godfall?

I adore the armour stylings that are witnessed throughout the trailer

Godfall is being developed by ‘Counterplay Games’; Counterplay released Duelyst in 2016 and has worked on games such as God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Bioshock Infinite, and many more. You can find more information on what they’ve worked on via their website here.

Needless to say, Counterplay has all the fundamentals to make a brilliant RPG, one that will hopefully be aiming to ascend us to the upper echelons of the next generation of consoles. ‘Gearbox Publishing’ will namely be publishing Godfall.

Does the trailer reveal any graphical enhancements compared to this generation?

The lighting effects are extremely flawless

The trailer noted that it was “In Engine” footage. Now, this statement shows us that there may be some differences in final release graphics as expected. However, throughout the trailer, I picked up on clear effects that definitely were more noticeable and realistic. These were all of the lighting effects scattered around the area within the trailer.

There was a wide variety of reflections present with light appearing to curve around edges of objects which also included many specular highlights. Basically, this is where there are bright lights on an already shiny surface. The precision of detail is clearly at a higher level than seen previously. The lighting looks all the more defined and ready for the next generation of consoles.

What is Godfall, why should I be excited?

I’m looking forward to fighting that creature in the sky

As aforementioned, Godfall is an RPG that takes on the style of a “third-person fantasy looter slasher”. The last two words are the most enticing part to contemplate. The sub-genre which this game is trying to accustom itself to. The “looter slasher”, we have all heard of the ‘looter shooter’ before but personally I’ve not heard of the “looter slasher” before. From the trailer it is perspicuous that swords are going to be a major aspect of the game, considering the fact that every character is holding one.

Melee combat when done right can be extremely satisfying to play around with and if Godfall makes me feel powerful when I’m wielding the weapons themselves then I’m all in to play the title. Also when you consider the fact that the studio has worked on games that contained great melee combat such as God of War and Diablo III, things are looking very promising.

However, it’s the RPG elements that ultimately draw me to wanting to pick this one up, I’m looking for a game which has a strong narrative, lore presence, and a highly customizable experience and Godfall looks like it will offer that to us. There are runes shown in the trailer; an “apocalypse” is said to be starting and there is a colossal structure towering over the land. These are all things I want to learn more about and I’m sure we will find out about all of these aspects in 2020.


Godfall is set to release in holiday 2020 and I’m definitely wanting to find out more about the game. Some gameplay would go a long way to secure our thoughts about what we should expect as at the moment it’s all speculation. Are you looking forward to Godfall? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you very much for reading and as always, have a lovely day!

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