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Pokemon Masters’ First Legendary Sync Pair Has Finally Dropped

Since its release in August, many fans have been waiting to see when Pokemon Masters would get its first legendary. Options were limited for developers DeNA if they had planned to stick with game canon content only. The anime offers a few options with Tobias’ Darkrai or Latios and Pyramid King Brandon’s Regi Trio. However, DeNA has opted to go for a classic choice that many anticipated. Mewtwo and Giovanni.

The Genetic Pokemon

The new event will see players have to overcome Giovanni’s plans to conquer the world. His weapon of choice, Mewtwo, is not to be toyed with. In the base games, Mewtwo is a devastating Psychic-type special attacker with an impressive 680 base stat total. Both of his mega evolutions take that up to 780 and are widely regarded as some of the best Pokemon available. Even Mega Rayquaza has to think twice before switching into Mega Mewtwo Y.

Upon completing the event, players will be given Giovanni and Mewtwo as a sync pair. From here you can level them up, teach Mewtwo new moves, and unlock his hidden abilities. For those having trouble with Giovanni, Unova Elite Four member Grimsley is expected to drop soon. His Liepard’s dark typing will be sure to give you a huge advantage.


The announcement trailer shows Blue, Lance, and Cynthia preparing to battle Giovanni. Unfortunately, this is just top-tier bait from DeNA. It’s been confirmed that neither Cynthia or Lance will play any role in Pokemon Masters’ latest event. I’m afraid you’ll have to wait a little longer to get your hands on Cynthia’s signature Garchomp.

Finally, DeNA detailed some other planned updates expected to drop over the next few months:

Looking to the future, mid-December will feature two new sync pairs: the Indigo Plateau Champion and his Pokémon, Lance & Dragonite, and the Sinnoh region Champion and her Pokémon, Cynthia & Garchomp. The sync pairs Rosa & Delibird and Siebold & Octillery will also appear in festive costumes.

Updates to Pokemon Masters in January will include new ways to train your sync pairs in your own personal way, and February updates will bring the Battle Villa, a feature that focuses on building your sync pair teams. Check back later for more information about these exciting features.