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Overwatch 2 Likely To Be Announced at Blizzcon

Overwatch 2

A couple of weeks ago early leaks suggesting an Overwatch sequel began to surface. Originally thought to be fake, these leaks have since come to prominence. It turns out Overwatch 2 could be real.

Twitter user @Metro_OW states “Overwatch 2 is very much real.” He continues on to promise that it “will be announced at Blizzcon after the short cinematic.” In replies further down Metro describes Overwatch 2 as a story-based FPS with PvE focused gameplay. He later tweeted he was not backing out on these claims.

“I will double down on this. The game will be called Overwatch 2 and it will not be an expansion to Overwatch.”

@Metro_OW , Twitter

So why does some random person’s tweet actually matter,” I hear you ask. Metro has a good track record when it comes to predicting Blizzcon. Last year he predicted the announcement of Ashe as a DPS. He even went into detail regarding her cooldowns, abilities and ultimate. Supposedly, this Overwatch 2 leak comes from the same source that told Metro about Ashe.

Is Overwatch 2 Legitimate?

Af first, these claims seem a little much but the reality suggests it could very well be true. Blizzard has a long history of expanding its largest franchises with spin-off titles. Their popular MMO World of Warcraft is a sequel to their classic RTS, Warcraft III. Similarly, Hearthstone is a canon CCG spin-off of World of Warcraft itself.

Overwatch launched over three years ago so perhaps Blizzard feels its time to expand. Overwatch 2 could be a great way to do that. There’s no doubting its popularity with both dedicated players and casual consumers. The Overwatch League is performing better than ever with the grand finals attracting over 1,000,000 viewers. It says a lot that whenever a new hero is announced, the whole of Twitter ends up getting involved. Any Overwatch announcement made at Blizzcon will trend worldwide. That much I can promise you.