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An extremely rare Nintendo PlayStation is going for $350k

Nintendo PlayStation

When they first entered the video game industry, Sony had no intention of making their own console. Instead, they offered then leading publisher Nintendo an opportunity. By teaming up and creating the Nintendo PlayStation, both parties could dominate the video game industry together.

However, Nintendo wasn’t interested. The original deal stated that as well as providing a CD drive for the SNES, Sony would still create their own console. Also, Sony would be able to claim licensing fees from every publisher who made any content relying on their drives. Obviously, Nintendo wasn’t pleased with this given how much money they were making off of licensing fees.

Buying a Nintendo PlayStation today

Even though a deal never came to be, a prototype of Sony’s proposal was produced. The Nintendo PlayStation would have been the system that went to market if both parties had struck an agreement. However, almost thirty years later it’ll cost you $350k to pick up the same product.

Currently available on Heritage Auctions, the original prototype is available for bid. It is one of the most prestigious pieces of gaming history someone could own. Hence the rather large price tag. Functionally, it is basically just a Super Nintendo with a CD drive. But it does say Sony instead of Nintendo if that does anything for you.

Nintendo PlayStation
After negotiations with Sony broke down, Nintendo went to Phillips instead. After further failing to make a deal with Phillips, the Dutch tech company made their own console with the developed tech. The Phillips CDI was an overall failure.

Obviously, this is a very rare collector’s item that the average gamer will have no chance of ever getting. But this is not the first time wealthy gamers have got excited over a rare item. Just last year, the first-ever North American copy of Super Mario Bros. sold for over $100k. Considering that the Nintendo PlayStation will likely exceed $400k, it’s clear the stakes are higher than ever.

We will never know what could have been if Sony and Nintendo teamed up. Honestly, it seems better that it never happened. Thanks to their disagreements we ended up with some incredible consoles like the PS2, Switch, and Gamecube. This pricy piece of memorabilia is a tribute to a past I don’t think gaming would have wanted.