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NBA2K20 Rumored To Ditch Archetype System


NBA2K17, 2K18, and 2K19 all featured an archetype system when making new players. You could select from a variety of roles including sharpshooter, slasher or playmaker. NBA2K18 and 2k19 introduced dual-archetypes, allowing players to make a playmaking-slasher or rebounding rim-protector. However, recent developments suggest 2K Games may completely drop this archetype system for NBA2K20.

A Reddit post on the official 2K subreddit reads as follows:

…2K have been letting some 2K League players play the game and get inside info. You don’t pick archetypes, everyone gets a certain amount of bars. Whatever you put up the game chooses your archetypes.

urjs, NBA2K Reddit

Interestingly, NBA2K20 ‘s new system would be comparable to older NBA2K titles. Essentially, you can upgrade any attribute you want until you run out of and upgrade points. Consider this similar to a skill tree from an RPG where you have to pick what abilities you want over others.

That’s not all either. Another Reddit post, sourced from Brutalsim’s YouTube channel, suggests badges will get an overhaul too. Currently, badges are assigned purely based on whatever combination of archetypes are chosen. This new system would assign badges to players based on what attributes are upgraded instead. For example, maxing out your driving dunk stat would give you Hall of Fame Posterizer.

Other new confirmed NBA2K20 features include the introduction of the WNBA. FIFA made a similar move a few years back by introducing Women’s International Football to their games. The exact gameplay implications of the WNBA’s introduction are not yet clear. It’s also unknown if we’ll be able to create female players in MyCareer.

A few days ago the NBA2K20 developers released a blog post detailing several gameplay changes. There is far too information for me to cover here but be sure to check it out if you want to know more.