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NBA 2K20 Patch 6 Addresses Major Game-Breaking Bugs


If you haven’t been living under a rock you’re likely familiar with NBA 2K20. 2K Games latest basketball simulation installment has not gone down well with fans. The hate is led by NBA 2K20’s shocking business model and an abundance of game-breaking bugs. To developer Visual Concepts credit, they are at least looking at the bugs. Five patches have already dropped on PS4, Xbox One and PC since its release last month. Now patch 6 follows and is looking to amend several bugs.

First of all the correct MyPlayer should now load when joining sessions. Previously, joining a friend’s session had a chance to randomly switch what build you selected. Perhaps a more important fix is that timeouts will no longer cause disconnects in online game modes. The final listed change is that the in-game phone shouldn’t cause crashing anymore.

Visual Concepts’ and 2K20 head developer Mike Wang also chimed in with a gameplay tweak:

Dear dribblers, couple small notes for patch 1.06. A few standing stepbacks were swapped out because chaining out of them was flipped. There’s a new standing spin retreat move (hold LS away after starting spin.) Steals shouldn’t lock you in anymore. Enjoy.

Mike Wang, Gameplay Director for NBA 2K

Patch Notes

Unfortunately, I can’t link you to the actual patch notes. This is because Visual Concepts doesn’t generally bother to make any. In fact, in the tweet describing this patch, one of the notes literally just says “Many more fixes.” Not the most useful breakdown of a patch that requires a 20GB download. I would expect formal patch notes to follow sometime next week.

Whilst its positive Visual Concepts are patching NBA 2K20, it begs a real question. What kind of AAA, big-budget game even needs six patches in just a month? It’s clearer NBA 2K was rushed and forced to meet an overly strict release deadline. In my review, I described it as “one of the worst sports games ever made. Needless to say, this patch isn’t changing that.