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Monster Hunter World: How to Repel Arch Tempered Zorah Magdaros Solo Easily

Zorah Magdaros is definitely one of the most underrated monster in Monster Hunter World, and there is a very good reason as to why. Repelling this monster is more of a process rather than pure gameplay skills, and many find this type of quests to be boring.

However, this all changes when you face Arch Tempered Zorah Magdaros, which is the tougher version of the normal one. This time, you will need to repel Nergigante rather than simply waiting for it to leave, and AT Zorah itself has the possibility to kill you if you don’t know what you are doing.

Nevertheless, it is not about dying or not much about repelling Nergigante, but it is actually the time limit that will most likely be the reason why you would fail. And trust me, if you fail, it’ll be the most annoying part of the game as you will realize how much time you have wasted and the fact that you will go over it again unknowing if you will even be going to make it this time.

Hence, this article is created to provide you a step by step guide so you won’t even think about failing again.


What we will need here is a spread 3 build HBG that can guard Zorah’s burst damage. I’m not very sure if you will be able to guard all of its lava burst attacks without Guard up, but just to make sure I placed a Guard up on the build I’m using.

The build I used can be seen below:

If you don’t have the Arch Tempered Xeno y armors, then there’s also a budget build which is proven to be effective as well.

Taroth Assault Glutton (atk, affinity augment)

Dragonking Eye Patch with tenderizer

Drachen Mail with Spread jewel

Xeno B with Mighty Jewel Xeno b with critical jewel and atk jewel

Drachen with Mighty Jewel

Atk jewel charm

In the event that you would indeed need Guard up, then just replace one mighty jewel with guard up and wear affinity charm instead. Another skill you would want would be heavy artillery which will increase canon and ballista damage, but if you can’t seem to fit it in your build, then consider leaving those.


It is important to take Bombardier felyne skill as this will increase your canon damage. If you don’t have the ingredients, just enter a session with many people. Usually someone has it and the ingredients will be shared among all people in that session


Phase 1

Hop on Zorah Magdaros’ body using the windrake then the first magma core would just be near so just simply move forward and pick the stone on the ground as you pass by.

Place a bomb and use your special ammo to deal initial damage and then stay close to shoot your spread 3 ammo.

Initial hit at first magma core

Take note as the magma core will burst lava, and you can notice it when you hear a “whoosh” sound. When you hear this “whoosh” sound, standby already and guard the lava burst.

Guarding lava bursts

If you get staggered by the quake, just DONT move so your character will lay down, and the next lava burst will miss. Repeat this process until you break the magma core.

Docking lava burst

After breaking the first magma core, the next one would just be on your way at the right side. Just keep moving and then jump down. The Magma core should be seen just below from where you jumped off. This time wear your rocksteady and repeat the process that we did with the first Magma Core. Don’t forget to pot as well if you’d get hit, but don’t worry, it shouldn’t be something serious if you’d get hit.

2nd Magma Core

After breaking the 2nd Magma Core, proceed to Zorah’s head part and wait for Nergigante. When Nergigante arrives, repel him as fast as you can. Don’t forget to drop the boulders that you will see as you pass by as well from places to places, these boulders are very big so it will be difficult to miss. Just throw stones at it to drop.

Boulder sample
Repelling Nergigante

After repelling Nergigante, proceed now to the 3rd Magma Core which is reddened in the map. It should be somewhere at the middle. Wear temporal mantle this time and hit it as much as you can to break it. Once you break it, you can bomb it to deal some more damage to Zorah. After breaking the 3rd Magma Core, all you need to do now is just to wait for the quest’s Phase 2.

Phase 2

As you dropped by on the barrier, shoot the canons that were placed by the NPCs including your cat starting from where you land until you reach the northern part of the barrier.

As you reach the northern part of the barrier, pick up the one-time binder and then jump unto the water so you could re-spawn near the ship just below the barrier.

Go down to the ship and use the dragonnator.

NOTE: There are instances when the handler will talk; this is the only time that the Handler will be useful ever, and that is when she will warn you about Zorah Magdaros charging up his energy. When the handler says this, use the one-time binder to bind Zorah. After you shoot the one-time binder, make sure to pick the other one-time Binder just near the dragonnator. And then reserve this for the next time the handler warns you again about Zorah charging up.

After you shoot the dragonnator and the one-time binder (considering the handler tells you so), there will be 3 canons on the boat. Load the middle one and shoot Zorah with it. Make sure that you also shoot the 2 other canons being loaded by the NPCs.

When you use the second one-time binder, go back on the barrier and to the first one-time binder. It should be cooled down by now, so pick it up and use it when Handler says the charging thing again. Make sure to shoot the canons that you will pass by as you go on to pick the binder.

Go back to the deck and repeat the processes mentioned from here on.

Full Run Video

If you want to watch the full footage of this run, then you can watch it at the video below.

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