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Modern Warfare: Should You Be Using Double Time?

Double Time

Call of Duty games are well known for their running perks. From Lightweight to Marathon, past games have dedicated multiple perks to help you get around the map. In Modern Warfare, Double Time takes their place but what exactly does Double Time actually do?

What Does Double Time Do?

In preparation for this article, I did two sprint tests per gun category. I used both the worst mobility and best mobility gun in each group. This left me with the RAM-7, Oden, MP7, AUG, Origin-12, 725, Crossbow, Kar-98k, Dragunov, and HDR. I also did a quick bonus test with the knife since I know it’s a popular secondary for getting around fast.

My testing delivered a clear-cut, simple result. The Double Time perk has zero impact on your base movement speed. A regular sprint with or without it will be identical. The only factors that affect movement speed are what gun you’re using, if you have Dead Silence activated, and what attachments you have equipped.

Double Time

However, that’s not to say Double Time doesn’t make you faster. Instead of increasing your base movement speed, Double Time doubles the amount of tactical sprint you can use. Tactical sprint is the rapid run in Modern Warfare (see above) where you tuck away your weapon to run faster at the cost of an increased sprint out time.

That’s not the only bonus of using Double Time. It also increases your crouch movement speed by exactly 30%. Since this percentage boost is fixed regardless of what weapon you have equipped, SMGs, pistols, and knives get the largest boost. In contrast, LMGs, snipers, and launchers receive the smallest boost.

Is Double Time Any Good?

Honestly, not really. At least not in the majority of cases. The issue with Double Time is that whilst the increased tactical sprint is nice, actually using tactical sprint tends to backfire a lot of the time. Unfortunately, the increased sprint out speed and general slow pacing of Modern Warfare can often see you getting punished by more “tactical players.”

Double Time
The optimal “tactical,” build for all your camping needs.

Despite this, I can see two situations where Double Time is useful. First and foremost, Search & Destroy. Unlike any other game mode, getting into power positions before your enemy is of utmost importance in Search & Destroy. If you want to rush a plant, camp a sightline, or shut down an area, you need to get there fast. By combining Double Time with a knife secondary and Dead Silence, you can be sure that no one will beat you to where you want to be.

Your other option for running Double Time is Ground War. When playing Ground War, you’ll find yourself sprinting across the map a lot. It sucks, but there’s just not always a vehicle available. By using Double Time you can at least minimize the amount of time you spend aimlessly running from flag-to-flag.

Perk 1 Competition is Tough

Double Time

More so than its lacklustre bonuses, Double Time’s biggest problem is that its a perk 1. Just think about what it’s going up against. EOD is arguably the second-best perk in the game after Ghost. It’s a straight-up life-saver that can counter launchers, kill-streaks, and equipment spam.

Equally, Overkill makes you infinitely more versatile by giving your two primary weapons. All of a sudden, you can run a sniper and SMG/shotgun and be effective at all ranges. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, Cold-Blooded makes you immune to practically every killstreak, and pesky thermal optics.

If Double Time was a perk 3, I’d likely run it a lot more. But it’s really hard to justify outside of the two niches I’ve mentioned. If Infinity Ward wanted to buff it, I’d just give it a direct buff to base movement speed. Not only would it make the perk more viable, but it would also help make Modern Warfare a little faster paced. And frankly, I don’t think anyone is against that idea.