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Modern Warfare ‘Huge Game Update’ Promises To Address Player Concerns

Modern Warfare

It’s weird. Modern Warfare feels so close to being a great game and yet manages to miss out. Ignoring the second-rate story and Spec Ops, it’s the multiplayer that has legitimate potential. However, right now at least Modern Warfare is not delivering even half of what it could. Complaints regarding the game’s pacing, mini-map design, gun balance and map design are all holding it back. Some of that could be about to change.

Whilst its release date hasn’t been confirmed, Infinity Ward has assured fans that update 1.10 will release soon. In their words, this upcoming patch should be the one fans “Keep asking about.” Infinity Ward’s communication manager, Ashton Williams Tweeted some further details on what fans can expect.

We have an update coming out in the next few days that includes fixes to perks, private match options, weapons, and more… Notes are a little over two pages long. Lots of good stuff in here.

Modern Warfare

What To Expect From Modern Warfare Patch 1.10

It’s unclear as to when the update will drop, but I’d guess some time between this evening and the end of the weekend. It’s interesting that Williams mentions a potential rework for perks. At least in my memory, I don’t believe Call of Duty has ever rebalanced a perk despite how powerful they can be. Certainly, in Modern Warfare, Ghost is overwhelmingly strong right now. They need to revert it to only working for those running around the map. Having it be activated permanently only encourages a camping play style.

Perhaps the most common change fans are asking for is the removal of skill-based matchmaking. Currently, Modern Warfare makes an effort to put you in lobbies with similarly skilled players. The positive to this is theoretically more balanced and competitive games. However, the downside arguably outweighs this. Skill-based matchmaking narrows the potential player pool of each game making none full lobbies more common. Also, latency can be an issue where it otherwise wouldn’t be.

I wouldn’t expect this patch or any other to remove skill based matchmaking. In saying that, making the upper and lower boundaries more forgiving could help address its current issue. I feel right now it is trying too hard to find a specific group of players. Widening those skill margins should at least make putting lobbies together more practical.