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Mario Kart Tour Suffers Disastrous Launch

Mario Kart Tour

Earlier today, the awaited Mario Kart Tour finally launched on mobile. Revealed last month, Mario Kart Tour was supposed to bring Nintendo’s hit carting series to Android and iOS. Unfortunately, extreme demand for Tour has resulted in a disastrous launch.

Instead of getting hands-on with Tour, players have been let down by server errors. Unsurprising given the sheer quantity of download traffic. Nintendo didn’t prepare for this and the servers gave in very quickly. Nintendo addressed these initial concerns by stating they are working towards a fix.

Day One Criticism

Mario Kart Tour has come under criticism from fans. Nintendo has chosen to bundle an optional subscription service with the game. Priced at $4.99 a month, the Gold Pass offers unspecified in-game items. You can also unlock the 200cc karts. This pricing seems steep given it’s comparable to the new Google Play Pass.

Tour has also launched with zero multiplayer support. Currently, Mario Kart Tour is a single-player focused experience with tonnes of unlockables. This differentiates it to the core console games where multiplayer racing is king. A Multiplayer update of some variety is promised for a “future version update.

It’s hardly as though the gameplay’s perfect either. Tour is extremely visually impressive for a mobile title but the handling model is sub-par. Many believe carts don’t have enough friction. This results in a hell of a lot of unpredictable and unsatisfying sliding around. A stern contrast to the console titles that offer some of the best handling arcade racing in the industry.

Regardless of its flaws, Mario Kart Tour does offer a passable experience. Casual players looking to kill half an hour should find it fun. However, the current product doesn’t have enough content to last. Hopefully, Nintendo adds more racers and tracks without making me pull out my wallet.