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Cartoon Network’s Journeys VR Releases October 1st

Cartoon Network's Journeys VR Releases October 1st

It was only a matter of time before Cartoon Network jumped on VR. The network has enough popular properties that it could do a VR game in any genre and expect it to deliver the goods. In working with TwinSky Games and Paper Crane Games, Cartoon Network Studios has created Cartoon Network Journeys VR, an interactive adventure.  

Cartoon Network’s Journeys VR

The game takes you through three stories with the wizard Gormlorm—voiced by comedian and musician Reggie Watts—as your guide. These adventures come off as something you’d experience from early 2000s Cartoon Network or current day Adult Swim. It’s right there in the middle story-wise and visually. 

What that means is that Cartoon Network Studios and company have found a great approach for VR. As it stands, VR will have many players exploring beautiful, realistic worlds with detailed structures, flora, and fauna. Every once in awhile, it’s nice to get something truly otherworldly. Right up Cartoon Network’s alley. It’s also up Nickelodeon’s alley as well but who knows when Viacom’s orange goblin will roll into VR. 

As mentioned above, Journeys VR comes with three stories. First is Jest to Impress where you will take the role of a jester who has to entertain the King and his company. Pretty straightforward on paper but there are sure to be some shenanigans involved. In Beyond Beeville, you play as a one-winged bee who teams up with another bee to save your colony from collapse. There are exploration and puzzles to keep you busy in this story. 

Finally, there’s Kosma Kwest. In this adventure, you are selected as the next Supreme Being but Kosma puts you through four trials to see if you’re ready. Of the three, Beyond Beeville is the most interesting to me. 

Journeys VR drops October 1st on Steam—for free. It will be compatible with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. 

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