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How to Kill Arch Tempered Teostra Solo Easily

Teostra is one of the oldest monster in the Monster Hunter series. This mythical beast has been on the spotlight for decades, and it is still a favorite among hunters. Teostra have two stronger versions; Tempered Teostra and the Arch Tempered Teostra which we will be dealing against today. All these teostra’s variants have very similar move sets, at least in MHW. So knowing how to kill Arch Tempered Teostra will also enable you to learn how to kill the other two variants.

This guide is again more on the moveset of AT Teostra being summarized into simpler parts so one could easily memorize its move sets and eventually killing him alone efficiently.


I’m pretty sure if you read this far means you haven’t kill AT Teo yet, thereby, you might not be able to wear the equips I’ve shown down below in the video run. However, this guide as I said is more on the move set so any equipment will work actually. Arch Tempered Teostra as opposed to having strong attacks actually has low HP compared to other Arch Tempered monsters. So if you are worrying about your damage values, fear not as any average equip will definitely be enough to slay this beast, provided he doesn’t kill you first.

For the alternatives, the KARMA (Odogaron) light bowgun should work as a 2nd choice because it has high affinity, making it easier for you to reach 100% crit rate. Putting some vitality jewel and evade (invulnerability) might help if you are not yet that confident to solo this beast.

Move Set Guide

Stay on his side (about 30 deg angle)

Just like other elder dragons, Arch Tempered Teostra focuses most of its attacks in a 90 deg’ angle, meaning he will need to face you first so he could attack you. Facing you will take a bit of time, and it will save you a lot of times especially after it roars and you fail to dodge it. He will need to face you first so he could attack you, unless it’s a tail whip which he can do when you are at his back, though the animation of this attack is very obvious, hence very easy to dodge.

If you get caught by the roar and you are exactly in front of him, start praying cause his next attack will definitely hit except for the supernova which has a moderately long cast time.

Don’t get up just yet if you get hit!

Arch Tempered Teostra and its two counterparts are known to chain combos. It’s not only the hunter that can do combos, but the monsters too! Monster performs this by knocking you down, and will attack you again as soon as you get up – that is if you try to get up as soon as you get knocked down. Be sure that when you get knocked down, don’t get up just yet and wait for his next attack to miss so you will be safe from getting hit over and over again.

Bring your palico

As opposed to some monsters with your palico better of be absent like when you try to solo Behemoth with a bow or other weapons that grants great mobility, this monster might be better off fighting with your palico because it will serve as a decoy especially if you are playing range. As said in #2 tip, Arch Tempered Teostra will chain combos against a single target, that means your palico will be attacked by it with several attacks before it will attack you. This will give you more room to hit in the background.

Staying Close is Better

I also advice staying close at about the range of N2 ammos so you can manipulate Arch Tempered Teostra from leaping at you that deals a huge damage, and with a huge hit box. He will not leap if you stay close, and most of its close range attacks are easy to dodge.

Look at the ground at all times

Just like Arch Tempered Kirin, this monster will also cast blasts on the ground. Make sure to avoid contact with them as they deal huge damage when you come in contact with it and you will get blight damage as well which is annoying to remove. You can easily avoid it by moving on a ground with no blast fog and wait for it to explode before moving back to your desired position. You can check the video below for a demonstration on how this is properly done.

Use flash pods but conserve it

Use flash bomb at Arch Tempered Teostra only when it is flying so you can drop him down and so you can deal huge damage output. The reason why I like it best to kill him with an LBG because LBG sheathes fast, so when it does his supernova, I can easily sheathe the weapon and then use flash bomb against him immediately.

Things you must not forget!

Don’t forget to use your ailment ammos and your special ammo. Aim for the head as well so you can knock him down over and over again. The entire run. Bring 2 sets of bombs if you have the Taroth Assault Support, because the sleep ammos this gun could carry is enough to make the monster sleep twice. You can also paralyze the monster twice, but I would suggest doing it just once because Arch Tempered Teostra is quite resistant to paralysis.

And again, always try to play safe, don’t rush, and most of all don’t be greedy. As said earlier, the monster has relatively low HP and you have 50 minutes to finish the quest. I was able to finish this in less than 10 minutes, so even for a deficit hunter in terms of equips, you should be done in no more than 30 minutes to be safe and at worst case scenario.

Full Run Sample

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