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Gun-by-Gun: RAM-7 Bullpup AR Comprehensive Breakdown


Welcome back to the second part of my ongoing series of Modern Warfare gun breakdowns. In my debut article, we went into detail about the Model 680 Remington shotgun. Most of the general feedback was positive so I have kept the format mostly the same for part two.

Today, we’re going to look at one of the newest weapons in Modern Warfare. The RAM-7 Bullpup Assault Rifle, better known as the TAR-21, was added in Modern Warfare’s first Battle Pass season. Early judgment suggested it was a very good gun but the hype has dropped off a little over time. So does the RAM-7 actually hold up against MW’s titans or is it just another niche option?




I’ll be frank when saying the RAM-7 is not a top-tier option. When compared to the M4A1 or Kilo 141, it’s recoil is just too problematic to be as consistent as its competitors. Of course, certain attachments help levitate this but most players, especially those using a controller, will find the meta ARs easier to use.

Still, that doesn’t mean the RAM-7 is useless. After all, it has some unique traits and a theoretically very competitive time to kill. Its damage fall-off range sits between 28 to 18, which is normal for Modern Warfare’s ARs. This results in a very standard 4-6 shot kill at most ranges. However, it’s headshot multiplier of 1.5x means the RAM-7 is very rewarding of good aim.

To put that multiplier into context, getting just one headshot on a target will generally lower your time to kill by a whole shot. The RAM-7 also has a very decent fire rate at 892 rounds per minute (RPM), slightly faster than the M4A1’s 857 RPM. Given its identical damage profile to the M4A1, this means the RAM-7 actually has a better time to kill, albeit marginal.

The RAM-7 is a simple gun then. If you can control the recoil and land your shots, it might just be the best AR in Modern Warfare. However, doing so consistently can be difficult. Especially, when up against laser M4A1’s and Kilo’s, both of which don’t feel like they suffer much from recoil at all. The good news is there are a few attachments to help make the RAM-7 as competitive as possible.



When speccing the RAM-7 you should always prioritize recoil management. Everything else is already very competitive so if you can find a way to maximize range and minimize recoil, it can be turned into a very strong option. Unfortunately, this forces you to opt for the XRK Ranger barrel.

This barrel’s biggest positive is that it drastically reduces recoil and brings the RAM-7’s range into Ground War territory. This is nice as it enables tap firing from 40-50m whilst the standard gun struggles beyond 15-20m. The downside is this barrel turns the RAM-7 into an LMG-hybrid, hurting both the gun’s movement speed and ADS.

ADS Comparison when using my set-up between the three barrels. There are exactly two frames of ADS between each one.

I personally found the 13″ FTAC Compact Barrel to be borderline unusable due to its unpredictable recoil. Equally, the Forge Tac Eclipse whilst okay, just ended up feeling like an inferior version of the XRK Ranger. In my testing, I didn’t find much success in tuning the RAM-7 for mobility and ADS. It definitely benefits most from the attachments that give significant recoil improvements.

All recoil tests were done with a Compensator muzzle attached. The test shots were taken from around 15m.

At first glance, the recoil comparisons probably don’t look all that significant. However, this actually shows that the XRK Ranger barrel provides far better recoil control then the alternatives. The majority of recoil with the XRK is predictable and in a single direction. Similarly, the Forge Tac Eclipse barrel produced the same results but to a lesser degree. This might make the Forge Tac Eclipse a good mid-ground for 6v6 game modes. Finally, the 13″ FTAC Compact produced very unpredictable recoil that changed direction multiple times in a single clip.


For muzzles, I figured there were going to be three options players are most likely to use. The compensator, Muzzle Brake, and Monolithic Suppressor. My initial impressions suggested that the Compensator was, as usual, king and my testing supported that hypothesis.


The Monolithic Suppressor and Muzzle Brake performed very similar across all tests. Simply put, the Muzzle Brake didn’t seem to help with recoil anymore than the suppressors. In contrast, the Compensator kept the first seven shots very close to one another resulting in a fair easier to execute effective time to kill. After those first seven shots, all muzzles gave similar horizontal recoil with it climbing hard up and left. Conclusion? Use the Compensator for recoil or any Suppressor for stealth.


Whilst the Tac Laser drastically decreases ADS time and the 5mW Laser will make your sprint out time around 32 ms faster, neither are worth using. Sure, if you were kitting the RAM-7 to be an SMG of sorts, I can see the value they could give. However, doing this feels like it defeats the point in the gun. Other ARs like the M4A1, M13, and FR 5.56 are all far better SMG-hybrids.

Meanwhile, there isn’t a No Stock option for the RAM-7, as the stock itself is designed into the gun’s shape. You can use the XRK Close Quarters Stock which helps ADS by a frame, but this isn’t worth an attachment slot in my honest opinion. You only have five points and they are better spent elsewhere.

The RAM 7 isn’t necessarily incredible at the range but with some decent trigger discipline, it is possible to tap fire enemies down from some distance.


Outside of niche options like the 12 Gauge Deputy, and M203 Grenade Launcher, I didn’t find much value in any of the underbarrels. The grips work fine but are all out-performed by the Compensator. Stacking a Compensator with a grip is ill-advised given the ADS penalty received. If you really want to, opt for the Operator Foregrip as it seemed to give the best recoil control overall.

Ammunition and Rear Grip

Despite the minor movement speed penalty, I believe running the 45 Round Mags is a necessity. Thanks to its difficult recoil pattern and fast fire rate, the RAM-7 chews through magazines. Making each magazine 50% larger is well worth the minor trade-off. Especially as the RAM-7’s reload speed of 1.6s is on the slower side for Modern Warfare rifles. Also, I didn’t find any ADS penalty when using the 45 Round Mags, even though the game says it should affect it.

As with literally every AR on the game, the Stippled Grip Tape is top-tier. The Rubberized Grip Tape is outclassed by the Compensator for recoil control and the Granulated Grip Tape is a waste of an attachment. Aiming stability and Aim Walking Steadiness are not worth tuning your gun for. Meanwhile, the Stippled’s 2 frame ADS speed up and sprint out time are hard to overlook in a game that’s all about fast time to kill.

A nice showcase of how my RAM 7 build is equally strong in CQB gunfights as I pick up 7 kills in just 40 seconds on Vacant.

Optics and Perk

Although optics are widely personal preference, I am going to recommend you stay away from ranged sights. The RAM-7’s recoil just isn’t suited to encounters beyond 40m, even with the XRK Ranger Barrel attached. Personally, I like the G.I Mini Reflex the best but the Viper Reflex, Monocle Reflex, and PBX Holo 7 all worked equally well.

As for perks, I would avoid them although Recon can serve a decent niche on Ground War. FMJ makes the RAM-7 a surprisingly good anti-kill streak weapon, especially with the 45 Round Mags equipped. Sleight of Hand only marginally reduces reload times and should only be considered for very fast-paced, run-and-gun play styles. Any other perks are simply not worth your time.

Field Upgrades

As usual, there are basically three primary Field Upgrades you’ll want to be using. Stopping Power doubles your effective damage for 30 bullets, bring the RAM-7 down to a potential 2 shot kill. Even at the gun’s maxed range fall-off, you won’t require more than three hit shots for a confirmed kill.

Just a random side note. I think the RAM 7 is cursed. Whenever I use it I get hit by 1000x more EMP Drones. You know, that Field Upgrade no one has ever used!

Otherwise, Dead Silence can be a good option to take advantage of the RAM-7’s surprisingly good handling for an AR. After all, it has the best ADS of any AR and a very competitive sprint out time. Also, Dead Silence works well in tandem with the Monolithic Suppressor.

Finally, the Tactical Insertion can be a great way to stay in aggressive positions in Ground War and larger 6v6 maps. Since the RAM-7 has decent range, albeit not incredible, you can set-up some distance from the enemies and try and pick them off. Once you get aggressive and close the gap, your Tactical Insertion is there to bail you out.

Final Verdict

Statistically, the RAM-7 looks like the best gun in the game but the reality is a little different. Its recoil is too difficult to simply ignore and kitting the gun out to deal with this hurts its handling an awful lot. For sure, it’s impressive time to kill and fire rate shouldn’t be ignored but I’d be lying if I told you this was as good as the M4A1 or even the Kilo 141.

On mouse and keyboard with very good aim, this might match them but for the average player, the RAM-7 will be difficult to get the most out of. Still, this is a good option for someone who wants to use a competitive gun with a higher skill ceiling than its direct competitors.