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GTA Online’s New ‘Diamond Casino’ Heist And Arcade Properties

GTA Online makes a bold new move with the new Diamond Casino heist. The heist itself is engaging, enjoyable, and most of all unique to previous heists. The heist allows players to devise their own way to undertake the heist because of the three ways that players can select from, but more on that later.

What is the heist about? What does it offer us?

The Heist itself is namely set in ‘The Diamond Casino and Resort’. This is what the previous update had offered players to visit and buy a portion of the resort for themselves. So not only are you going to be taking money from the rich but you will be getting a refund if you previously purchased a suite in the casino.

The Duggan family currently runs the casino and Cheng Family Holdings wants to send the family under. Georgina Cheng has a vendetta against the Duggans and needs to succeed in fulfilling this at any cost. In order to cause the most damage to the casino; she requires the best of the best, hence getting Lester to join her and for us to carry out the score.

The heist offers us a bigger potential take than ever before with the top amount being $2.1 million the first time around and an even higher amount the subsequent time you steal from the vault.

Arcades! Choices! Crew!

It’s time to run your own arcade in Los Santos people!

In order to carry out the distinctive heist, you will need a base of operations and where best than an arcade? With an underground bunker, of course, fitted with state of the art equipment. The arcade itself offers players a new business opportunity and also allows players to play on the arcade machines themselves, or with others.

Once you have bought an arcade and had your first briefing, it’s time to prep up. When you are undertaking the heist, you can choose from three different methods. Each radically different from one another, with unique prep work compared to the others. The methods are as follows: The “Silent & Sneaky” method, “The Big Con”, and finally “Aggressive” which is all-out chaos. I personally chose to go with the stealthy method and I had tons of fun with the heist. I’m now going to be running it again with the other methods. What one are you going to choose?

Risk and Reward

For the Heist, you’ll have to choose your crew members, such as a hacker for the heist. Each AI crew member takes a percentage of the final cut, as will Lester, so be careful who you decide to choose. But, a subpar crew could disadvantage you, so keep that in mind before undertaking the heist. An excellent hacker will allow you to have more time inside the vault and grab all of that sweet loot.


The latest GTA Online update offers a lot of content for all types of players to enjoy as well as regular bug fixes. Now, what are you waiting for? You’ve got a glistening gold vault to break open and loot to carry out of it with calculated precision. good luck!

Thank you very much for reading and as always, have a lovely day!


Rockstar games Diamond Casino Heist official trailer

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