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Future NBA Hall of Famer Invests Into eSports


eSports is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide. Viewing figures are growing every year with key figures like League of Legends, DotA, and Overwatch all playing a big role. Influencer Marketing Hub reported that between 2017 and 2018, the viewership for eSports had grown an impressive 13.8%. The previous year, it grew an ever greater 19.8%.

The positive future of eSports hasn’t gone unnoticed by wealthy investors. Future NBA Hall of Fame power forward Kevin Garnett has gotten in on the action. Garnett has invested in Triumph Esports, an upcoming eSports brand. Their current involvement with eSports is limited but it’s expected they will expand into the major leagues in the near future.

At first glance, It may seem a little odd that a 15x all-star, 4x All-NBA First Team, MVP winning NBA superstar would invest into eSports. The reality though is that many NBA stars, both past, and present, are doing exactly the same thing.

LA Lakers great Rick Fox is the owner of the eSports organization, Echo Fox. Both Stephen Curry and Andre Iguodala made a joint $37 million investment in TSM last year. Even the greatest player of all time, Michael Jordan, owns a significant share of aXiomatic Gaming.

Why has eSports become such a popular target for wealthy investors? It’s simple really. Rapid growth coupled with huge potential for money-making. For many of these former players who have more money than business knowledge, they choose to employ financial advisors. Most good financial advisors today realize that investing in eSports is a great idea.

Some athletes have gone to the extent of defending competitive gaming from scrutiny. American sports analyst Colin Cowherd called all competitive gamers dorks. In response, Celtics All-star Gordon Hayward scooped up an old image of a rather “dorky,” looking Cowherd. The moral of the story? Don’t criticize an art you don’t understand.