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Flappy Royale is the Best Battle Royale Game Ever… With Birds

Flappy Royale Battle Royale Game

Every developer seems to think that Battle Royale is where the big bucks are, and it’s coming to a stage where common sense be damned. After Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter, where could Battle Royale go next?

To Flappy Bird, apparently. One of the greatest and craziest gaming success stories ever featuring pipes – the other one being Super Mario –, Flappy Bird spawned hundreds of clones, but nothing like Flappy Royale.

Flappy Royale runs on the Unreal Engine 4 in 4K resolution and is optimized for 60fps, with VR support… sorry, I just couldn’t keep writing this with a straight face! Flappy Royale is, in fact, an extremely simple game about flapping a bird’s wings to avoid touching the pipes – the twist is that you’re doing it against 99 other birds, allegedly in real time.

The level layout is randomly generated, and you are competing against the ghosts of other players. They all start by jumping from a bus – Fortnite Battle Royale says hi – and if you manage to surpass five pipes, a good standing is almost guaranteed. There is no chicken dinner at the end, thankfully, as that would be beyond bizarre.

This is pretty much all there is to Flappy Royale, but at least you get to customize the body and style of your bird with a few cosmetics. If development progresses as expected, I’m willing to believe that this is where monetization will come knocking. There is also a Daily Trial where you get 10 tries to do the best that you can in a fixed level design, with the level changing each day.

Flappy Royale is stupid and addictive in equal amounts. It’s completely unnecessary, the creator of Flappy Bird doesn’t seem to be involved – this one was created by Orta Therox and Em Lazer-Walker, with Zach Gage contributing – and you get frustrated playing it. But you keep coming back for more just to see if you can progress that little bit further. That’s Flappy Bird and Flappy Royale in a nutshell.

In fact, this unfathomable addictiveness was the factor that led Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen to remove the original game. It was too late, however, as many clones invaded the online stores.

Flappy Royale is coming soon to iOS and Android, but you can already play it at the official website.

Flappy Royale Battle Royale Game

Flappy Royale Battle Royale Game 2

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