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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Relationship Tier List

This is a tier list of the 33 potential love interests for Byleth in Fire Emblem Three Houses. Building relationships between your characters is a huge part of this game, ending with Byleth choosing a relationship partner at the end. So with that said lets dive into the weird world of romancing child soldiers.

33. Gilbert

For anyone who claims that Alois is the worst romance option, they obviously haven’t gotten to know Gilbert. Not only is it not really a real romance, but the guy abandoned his family and country. He’s a big self pity guy, and by far the worst option in the game.

32. Alois

Alois is your classic dad making dad jokes. He reminds me of that awkward uncle you see during a holiday. Because of that (and due to the fact that the relationship is more of a friendship) he is pretty low on the list.

31. Cyril

I find it just a tad creepy that Cyril is like a baby when you meet him. I understand that the rest of your students are young too, but Cyril is smoll. His character isn’t bad, but due to the creeper vibes this relationship gets a very low rank.

30. Lorenz

Admittedly, Lorenz has a few good supports with other FE students. However I cannot stand his personality. Anyone who compares him to Ferdinand can go jump off a bridge. Lorenz is a stuck up noble whose hair is nearly as ugly as his personality. *panting from rant

29. Hubert

I’ve gotta say I love Hubert and his character development, but as a romance option. I suggest you pass. He is utterly devoted to Emperor Edelgard, and he is pretty off putting in almost all of his A supports.

28. Professor Hanneman

Professor Hanneman is the perfect romance option if you really really like crestology. If you do not, then there is very little point in getting involved. He is certainly older, and Byleth is way out of his league.

27. Ignatz

Ignatz bores me, and I’m really truly sorry for that. He interested me at first, however now that I have watched all his supports it is safe to say I am not. He’s quietly fixated on painting, and just about all of his conversations sound the same to me.

26. Ingrid

I am not a fan of Ingrid’s character, because to me she comes off kind of bland. She is a stoic aspiring knight, and that’s just about all there is. However her hard-working attitude is commendable, but when you get down to it, I see her view of Byleth as more admiration than romance.

25. Raphael

All Raphael thinks about is food. So if Byleth were to become a world class chef (which honestly probably happens after the war due to how much they eat/ cook) Raphael would probably bore them. There is something to be said for his protective nature, however I don’t think its worth its weight in gold.

24. Dedue

Some people find Dedue charming, however none of those people are writing this article. While there is nothing particularly wrong with the guy, his personality is quite dry and his supports have very little substance. He is like a boring version of Hubert, but since he isn’t partially insane he ranks a little higher.

23. Catherine

Catherine is charming, and her badassery is off the charts. However that can only get you so far when you work into every sentence, “‘Lady Rhea…'”. Again another mindless vassal here, and while she is a tad better than Dedue or Hubert. It isn’t by much.

22. Professor Manuela

Manuela is the definition of midlife crisis. An ex opera singer, and beautiful professor now past her prime. Her clothes are revealing, her personality is scatterbrained, and she is constantly complaining about her lack of suitors.

21. Leonie

So Leonie is… “Captain Jeralt this”… Another reason that Leonie is cool is… “Captain Jeralt that”… Not to mention her plucky attitude and “CAPTAIN ****ing Jeralt”… Seriously though, unless Byleth wants to hear about how great his dad was all his life, I say move on.

20. Linhardt

Lindhardt is probably my favorite character in all of Fire Emblem (next to Soren. I have a thing for the wind mages I guess). However in my 5 play through’s, I never romanced the guy. His extremely lazy demeanor is charming, however I’m not sure it pairs great with Byleth when it comes to romance.

19. Sylvain

Sylvain is a great character, and has one of the better looking character models for sure. However his reason’s for playing the field aside, you will probably run into a chick he slept with any time you go out. So unless that bothers you, go for it Professor!

18. Lysithea

Lysithea kinda gives me the creepy vibes for similar reason’s to Cyril. However she is very charming, and a literal walking death machine of a unit. She isn’t a bad romance option by any means, although it will force you to put part of your paycheck away each month for sweets.

17. Felix

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Felix is intriguing and a personal favorite. Although whatever way you slice it, the boys got issues. He is extremely angry, and aggressive towards everyone and everything. Deep down he’s a genuine and sweet guy, but like deep deep down.

16. Caspar

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Caspar is just a straight goober, but in like a manly way. Every single one of his supports extenuates that. Although he becomes one of the better looking characters after the time skip, and is courageous to a fault. Women could do a lot worse than ol’ Caspar.

15. Flayn

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It doesn’t get anymore weird than Flayn, and I’ll leave the spoilers out as to why that is. However that aside she is an extremely innocent young looking girl, whose brother Seteth will most definitely slaughter you if you are within five feet of her. Despite all of this, she isn’t a bad relationship choice if you take the church route.

14. Annette

Annette is an absolutely lovable character, however I have seen a lot of memes about her being “Blandette”. While I guess some people view her as one dimensional, I think she is one of the sweetest characters the game has to offer.

13. Hilda

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Hilda is a pretty spoiled and lazy student, however despite her laziness, she is friendly, and charismatic. As a side hobby, she enjoys making handcrafted accessories for herself and her close friends. Her supports with Byleth aren’t bad per-say, however this isn’t my favorite support for them.

12. Seteth

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Seteth probably gets on everyone’s nerves at the start of the game, because he is the classic “RPG hero doubter”. However he has a great character design, and his supports with Byleth are quite wholesome.

11. Bernadetta

Bernie overcomes a lot of personal struggle and tragedy by the games end. Her S-support with Byleth is cute, and they are a personal ship for me. While her scared out of her mind approach at the beginning can be a little off putting, Bernie is definitely a great character.

10. Marianne

Marianne is an extremely shy girl, not exactly to the recluse extent of Bernadetta though. She is hardly interesting at first, however her character delivers one of the most interesting back stories. Her A-support with Byleth is also very sweet.

9. Ashe

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Ashe is everything I hoped Ignatz would be, but wasn’t. He is a sweet, innocent guy who just wants to do good by his country and friends. His supports are quite charming, and is one of the more chivalrous characters.

8. Shamir

Shamir. Is. So. Cool. She is too cool for school. Your typical stoic, bad ass assassin type character, however don’t confuse stoic with boring here. She is a deadly sniper unit, and has good support conversations all the way around.

7. Mercedes

Mercedes is definitely the kindest character in FE3H. No matter who the other character is and how they are feeling she tries to meet them right where they are at. I actually really enjoyed her supports with Byleth, and admired the subtle character development.

6. Dorothea

Dorothea has the truly classic romance option for Byleth, and was my first S-support. A spunky character who is flirtatious, and intriguing. I get the feeling that Byleth is a quiet low-key kind of person, and after the war I think their S-support with Dorothea extenuates what he/she would actually prefer.

5. Dimitri

Part 1

Dimitri probably has the best looking male character model, and has by far the greatest character development in the game. In his route it is no doubt he grows to become a good king of Faerghus. However he is still extremely mentally unstable for the majority of his time with Byleth. I don’t think the atrocities brought on by his blood-lust make him an attractive romance figure.

4. Ferdinand

Ferdinand definitely starts out hard to like, as his noble upbringing shines through like Lorenz. However he has so much personality to him, and has some of the biggest character growth in the whole game. He begins to see both the good and bad parts of nobility and seeks to fix that. Not to mention that practically all of his A-supports are cute as heck.

3. Claude

Part 1

Claude started out as the crowd favorite, and for good reason. While the GD play through is not my favorite, he is arguably the best Lord. His personality is eccentric and different than most characters in all FE history. Definitely a top tier romance option for Byleth if ever there was.

2. Petra

Petra’s struggle to learn the Fodland language is adorable, and her determination to always better herself shines through. She has some of the most interesting supports, and has one of the better endings with Byleth. Not to mention the fact that she is one of the best units in the game. Petra is certainly a character worthy of the number 2 spot in this list.

1. Edelgard

Part 1

Edelgard is my second favorite character in the game, and in my opinion, best romance option. Her road to success is only made possible through Byleth. The Black Eagles route, truly embraces the role of professor even after the time skip. Because of that the relationship between Byleth and Edelgard is truly unique. While their S-support is admittedly average, the other supports are worth investing in

Well that’s our Fire Emblem: Three Houses relationship tier list. Comment your favorite characters below! If you want more Three Houses content click the links below for the play through reviews.

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