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Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Blue Lions Review)

I must apologize, I know that I have kept you guys hanging for quite sometime with these reviews, but I have officially finished every route in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. So without further ado, lets dive in to the Blue Lions house.

Once again if you are looking for information on game-play or lore, click this link to my Black Eagles Review. As the rest of these reviews will be solely focused on characters and their story lines. Today we are going to discuss the Blue Lions, what makes them unique, and whether or not you should spend 30plus hours getting to know them.

The Blue Lions House is made up of students from the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus. Their Kingdom is run by a Royal Family that was assassinated in recent years, although Prince Dimitri survived, making him the next in line for the throne. You access their play-through by choosing to become the Blue Lions professor at the beginning of the game.

The leader of the Blue Lion House is Dimitri; a seemingly warmhearted, and chivalrous young Prince. He sometimes comes off as stuck up in an unintentional way, and holds himself and his classmates to a high standard of honor. He certainly has the looks of the most popular kid in your high school, while also having the personality of the dark and brooding punk rock kids. (interesting to say the least)


Okay, so I caught a lot of hate for the lack of love I gave to the Golden Deer cast, but I have to say that my opinions on them haven’t changed. Although one accusation that isn’t true is that I only like the Black Eagles characters, I said that I would go into these reviews as impartial as possible, and I plan to uphold that promise.

I have to say all in all, I really grew to love the Blue Lions cast of characters. Their stories all flow naturally with one another, and while they are the rivals to my favorite characters, I unexpectedly grew to care about the Blue Lion’s as well. My particular favorites were Felix, Ashe, and Annette. Although I grew to like and care for all of them except for Dedue, I couldn’t stand him for some reason.

Now I had originally praised the Black Eagles characters because of their originality, and fresh take on certain character cliche’s. Then I went ahead and punished the Golden Deer for a lack thereof, so you may be wondering where the Blue Lions fall on the spectrum.

My final answer to this question would be “classic Fire Emblem” (or any other RPG for that matter). They are an excellent class, filled with your typical save the world team; sweet/virtuous women, aspiring knights, determined warriors, and the classic skirt chaser.

(I think it is important to mention that if the player chooses any other route as female Byleth then Sylvain immediately transfers over. Now this is true dedication).

Again though, Fire Emblem games are personal to the gamer. As I have stated many times before your individual connection to the characters will have a big impact on how much you like each route. If you don’t vibe with the cast, then you most likely won’t like the route.

Image result for Sylvain and Ingrid
Ingrid & Sylvain
(Ingrid’s face is priceless with Sylvain touching her)

Blue Lions Story line:

(There will be minor spoilers, nothing like first review)

Part 1 of the game is almost identical to that of all the other playthrough’s. As I stated before, other than character swaps (and thankfully different dialogue in cut scenes) the battle missions are all the same.

While I say it is identical, that doesn’t necessarily make it repetitive. It is refreshing to watch how differently the new cast of characters reacts to the situations you are put in. Or how they grow in general, also it is fun to compare in your mind how the previous cast of characters are growing as well. This way you are able to see how the conflicts of interest slowly brew.

Charles Cleveland

In my opinion there was no point in simply rewriting the above paragraph. It is a true statement for how NewGamePlus is played in Three Houses.

Although Part 2 is drastically different from the other two houses routes. After the five year time skip; you are once again in the midst of the Fodland Civil War, although this time you are sided with King Dimitri.

You learn quickly that not only is Dimitri starting to show more signs of suffering with mental health issues from his parents assassination. He is also hellbent on taking out Emperor Edelgard and her plan to unify Fodland. Because of this you basically just enter into a long and bloody war with the Empire.

Image result for blue lions cut scene
Post timeskip Dimitri

It is important to note that this ending is much longer than the Empires route, which I very much appreciated. Although unlike the Empire who wages war against everybody, the Kingdom is only waging war on them. This means that for pretty much all of Part 2 you are battling the Black Eagles.

This route pretty much wraps up everything that is of current importance/information. You don’t learn a ton about the lore of Byleth or the goddess, but mixing this playthrough with the Black Eagles gives a great understanding of all the events going on in that time period.

Final Thoughts:

All in all, I enjoyed this playthrough. To be honest it is my second favorite one that the game has to offer. It’s characters are great, the storyline is basic but still good. Also King Dimitri dealing with extreme mental health issues is a thing of beauty. It calls awareness to these issues in not just our real lives, but gives the character an amazing level of depth.

A lot of people say that the Blue Lions route has the true ending of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. To these people I say, “Why bro?” Is it because the most amount of people live, and the seemingly good guys prevail? If you only play the Blue Lions route you are given a skewed view of the world, and remain naive to a lot of the things Edelgard sets out to fix in her route.

My personal feelings aside (I will spare you my hour long rant of why the Empire is right). If you picked up Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and are unable to dedicate the time to finish every route. I implore you to play the Blue Lions, it is an excellent storyline.

They blend both classic and new Fire Emblem formulas beautifully. I also think that their cast of characters will go down as some of my favorites in FE history. They may not be the most unique, but they are certain to capture your attention, and more importantly, your heart.

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