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Final Fantasy VII Remake: The best of the old and the best of the new

Final Fantasy VII was the title that really launched the franchise into gaming legend and started a trend of rich stories, with endearing characters in unique and wonderous worlds. To this day, 22 years after the game’s launch, the characters Cloud, Tifa and the ever-so-complex Sephiroth are loved by gamers, constantly finding their way into fan fiction, artworks, and cosplay.

Fans loved the game so much that there have been numerous spinoffs and tangential stories that have been told, but there is one thing fans have always wanted, but, until now, have never been given: the original Final Fantasy VII game remade with modern day CGI.

Let’s be honest, no matter how good the game and its story might be, we’ve come too far to go back and play games where people are flesh colored blocks that only kind of resemble human beings.

Looking good Cloud.

Final Fantasy VII Remake’s battle mechanics are a combination of action combat and the famous JRPG turn-based system. You’ll move around the battlefield hitting and dodging, but your spells and abilities will be delivered via an action time bar. Your positioning on the battlefield will also matter, influencing your vulnerability, how much damage you can dish out and whether your abilities will be used to their full potential.

You’ll also need to be constantly switching between characters, issuing instructions to each to ensure you’re in full control of the battlefield and every situation. This combination of classic turn-based combat and the more immediate action combat should make for very immersive and rewarding battles.

The world of Final Fantasy VII Remake will be the same one fans are familiar with, it will also be more fleshed out an interconnected, taking you to places that just didn’t exist in the original, but feel like they should have been there all along.

Explore the familiar and more.

The same applies to the story and scenes throughout the game. Modern game design and technology allows Square Enix to tell the story the way they wanted to, but never could all those years ago. Which is great, because the modern gamer wouldn’t accept gaps in a world or awkward dialogue. We were more forgiving of the technology and what was possible two decades ago. Here’s the one, shall we say, painful thing about the Final Fantasy VII Remake. It’s going to be episodic. So, you won’t be able to set aside a hundred plus hours to immersive yourself in the world and relive (or live for the first time) the story. You’ll only be able to play to a certain point before hearing the three words no one ever wants to hear: To be continued…

Watch the E3 Trailer now.

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