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F1 2019 Patch Adds Full Keyboard Support For Xbox One

F1 2019

When I got the opportunity to review F1 2019, I realized quickly that it was a good, albeit unambitious racing simulator. Regardless of its shortcomings, it was just that. A full-on racing simulator. Given its focus on simulation, the newly introduced keyboard support on Xbox One is a little strange.

To be fair to Codemasters, more choice and input options are always good. Regardless of platform or genre, player choice is never a bad thing. Still, I find it odd that a game I’d consider unplayable on a keyboard to even get this update seven months after its release.

F1 2019

F1 2019 isn’t the first time Codemasters has shown a willingness to give the player’s options on their inputs. Pretty much all Codemasters’ games over the last three years have featured fully bindable controls on both console and PC. This is a nice upgrade from the presets other studios tend to offer.

Other changes listed in the patch notes include adjustments to the safety car, various stability fixes, and plenty of quality life changes Leagues. Outside of that, it’s just bug fixes and a tweak to improve the experience for Logitech G29 users.

You Can Get F1 2019 On Sale Right Now

New control options are nice but you know what’s nicer? A whopping Steam sale cutting 50% off F1 2019’s retail price. On Steam right now you can pick it up for £22.49, $29.99, €27.49, or your regional equivalent. Unfortunately, both the PlayStation Store and Xbox Store list F1 2019 at its full retail price.

Even so, it’s very possible to get it cheap if you look in the right places. For example, UK shoppers can pick up a PS4 or Xbox from Sainsbury’s at just £25.99. My general advice to find a good deal is to head over to Google, click the Shopping tab and type in F1 2019. Google does a fantastic job of shortlisting the best deals available.