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Everything you need to know about Spelunky 2

To journey through the darkest depths will always reveal a light; in Spelunky 2 that light will most likely be the lava falling on you… or the flash of explosions, nevertheless it’s joy all around. Spelunky 2 is the second installment of the Spelunky series, combining enjoyable platforming with a rogue-like experience. Spelunky 2 appears to elaborate on the formula of the first one, adding more depth to the world, introducing new enemy types, and new environments in the cavern depths with dangerous hazards scattered throughout. Spelunky kept the player grasped as they ventured through the many treacherous zones available to us. Spelunky 2 looks like it will do the exact same and keep our interest.

Layers of the cavern

This layer is a stark contrast to some of the other parts we’ve seen of the cavern

In Spelunky, we always began by descending a rope into the sublime unknown as all of the caverns were procedurally generated. Spelunky 2 keeps this trait but from what we’ve seen so far in trailers and gameplay, there is a lot more diversity in—what I am calling—layers. This diversity will keep us entangled in the world and make us want to explore more, and more, and more.

One of the layers we’ve seen so far is the one shown above, this particular layer appears more basic; allowing the player to get to grips with the landscape. Gold ore chunks glisten in the cave walls; daunting spike pits lie in wait, ready to ensnare an adventurer in a heartbeat; and creatures lurking in the shadow, ready to take their prey.

Another layer shown was one which appeared castle-like. Red brickwork fills the background with medieval banners lining the walls of the area. Conveyer belts act as platforms for the player to quickly traverse with ease from one to another. These were only a few of the layers shown, some were more jungle-like, and another had an underwater/ocean vibe to it. The places we’ll explore makes me want to trek through them and find any treasure that lies for the taking.


Spelunky 2 comes packed with many new features apart from what I’ve already mentioned, the visuals have been overhauled too, and storytelling is also a key part of the experience now. At its treasure-filled core, the Spelunky series is about delving into the unknown; gathering treasure and trying to stay alive. Death itself, however, is always a learning experience, you may blow up a wall, and not realise that a totem will catapult down onto you. After that experience you’ll know to avoid that, increasing your time alive. Spelunky 2 is said to be even harder than the first, so in turn, a lot of trial and error will be required. Your learning will be rewarded as when you gather enough treasure you can buy from the shops—or steal—new gear which will enhance your survivability for the depths below.

Online co-op will feature in Spelunky two as well; allowing you to go on an unforgiving journey with your friends. The benefits of journeying with another is that there is “strength in numbers” and you’ll need all of that backup you can get. On top of all these features are mounts which you can hijack off your enemies, yet again another exciting new mechanic to come to the universe of Spelunky.


Spelunky 2 has a host of new characters, each with their own unique abilities and traits. In this section I’m going to be telling you about each character and what they may offer you.

Ana Spelunky

Say hello to Ana Spelunky, daughter of the first games protagonist. Ana sets out on her own adventures, following in the footprints of her father but taking her own approach. Ana appears to have her abilities focused around rope-lines, allowing the player/players to descend or ascend to new areas with ease.

Colin Northward

This is Colin, he is shown here looking very petrified, presumably from one of the creatures chasing him through the cave. Colin had his own tricks up his sleeve though, he can teleport. Yes, teleport. In the trailers we’ve seen so far, we see him warping from area to area; avoiding any dangers that may befall him. It is unclear whether this is one of the many gear items available to everyone or just to Colin.

Margaret Tunnel

Enter stage left; Margaret everyone. Margaret appears to be the squads demolitions expert, carrying a whole lotta bombs everywhere. Shown in the trailers to be throwing a flurry of bombs at walls and waiting for them to go boom insinuates that Margaret will have her abilities more linked to explosions, which is always a good sign.

Roffy D.Sloth

This is Roffy and with that charming smile, Roffy is set to go exploring. Roffy D.Sloth is not only suited and booted to go into the caves, he also has been seen in the trailers to be a sloth of platforming expertise. Using arrows as trampolines he jumps up the recently fired arrows and gets to new areas, whizzes through the air avoiding incoming enemies. It is clear that Roffy will have abilities suited to platforming.


Spelunky 2 is set to release later this year for PlayStation 4 and Steam. I certainly am excited to delve through the caverns once again. Not only to experience the fluid, gripping gameplay but to see the gorgeous art style again, the art in Spelunky is absolutely stunning. I’m ready to descend; are you?

Thank you very much for reading and as always, have a brilliant day!


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