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Electrifying Model Elesa Comes To Pokemon Masters


There’s a brand new sync pair in Pokemon Masters. Originally thought to be Green, it’s Unova’s number one model who’s taking on the catwalk instead. Elesa is known best as being Nimbasa City’s electric type gym leader. In the mainline games, she partners with an Emolga, Flaaffy, and Zebstrika.

It was always going to be a toss-up between Emolga and Zebstrika for her sync pair. In the end, DeNA decided that Zebstrika is her stand out partner Pokemon. Considering that Emolga is my favorite Pokemon, I’m not overly pleased. This was more or less Emolga’s only chance to get into Masters. Here’s hoping that Elesa will get an alternative form in the future.

Elesa’s Pokemon Masters debut is based on her design from Black and White 2. This version of Elesa is most notable for her redesigned long black hair and stylish jacket. Nimbasa’s gym leader has her own Spotlight Scout active right now. This brings drop odds from 0.5% up to 2%.

Honestly, I just spent 15,000 gems I saved up for her and have nothing to show for it. Odds based reward systems can be brutal at times. To be fair, I got most of those gems through “Bug Compensation,” anyway. It’s not like you can get enough of them by actually playing the game. God forbid Masters actually introduces a pro-consumer business model.

New Events

This update also adds a new rally to Masters. Furthermore, this rally focuses on providing evolution items to strengthen up various sync pairs. This won’t affect Elesa but could be key for several other meta sync pairs. Outside of the usual battling, there are also some new exploratory missions that provide free goodies.

Last but not least, there’s a new EX challenge for dedicated players. By beating Pryce and his Seel companion, you can earn Electric Pins. Giving an electric type sync pair one of these pins increases their overall health. It’s a handy tool for those looking to improve their newly acquired Elesa sync pair.