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Doom Eternal, everything you need to know

Bethesda recently revealed more of Doom Eternal to the world at E3 2019, the next game in the Doom series which is being developed by Id Software. The reveal gave us more gameplay footage, information about the story and the places which we’ll explore. In this article I’ll be going over everything that you need to know about Doom Eternal before the release of the game later this year.

The Settings of Doom Eternal

In Doom Eternal you’ll be killing demons on many places, not just on Mars and in Hell

Doom Eternal features a host of different environments for you to traverse through and get to killing demons in both the most satisfying and horrific ways possible. In Doom Eternal one of the locations which you’ll be venturing throughout is Heaven. Yes, the Doom slayer is going to Heaven.

What a beautiful setting, the cosmic sky within the background, and the light rays piercing into the surrounding constructs.

The setting of Heaven was first mentioned in the story trailer shown to us at the E3 conference which foretold that if the Doom Slayer continued on his journey, he would “bring down the heavens wrath” which is very interesting. This suggests that Heaven is a place which will be ruthless, unrelenting, and possibly adds a larger challenge for the Slayer himself.

The catastrophic scene of a city in Earth

Doom Eternal will also be sending us to Earth, which is on the brink of collapse. The abominable demons of Hell have efficiently invaded our planet; with demons roaming the streets in search of prey. Demonic manifestations grow viciously on Earth and are omnipresent throughout this city scene. The Doom Slayer will be as normal eviscerating demons as we will probably try to banish the demonic presence from our home-world.

This tower is ominously looming over the lands of Hell

Doom Eternal will of course be sending us back to Hell, allowing us to kill demons in the place which we are most familiar with. The red crimson lit atmosphere covers the lands of Hell in the color of blood—which there will be a lot of with the Doom Slayer around— as we forge our way through the unforgiving environment. The tower shown in the image also appears to have some significant value; perhaps we will be heading to that tower to try and shut it’s energy down.

That is only a few locations which we know about so far and they all are certainly intriguing and varied. Talk of more locations was mentioned during the Bethesda conference so we may have even more locations to explore and conquer.

The Gameplay

Toasty…. this flamethrower is definitely something I want to use.

The Doom series has always been renowned for its fast paced gun combat and for making players think on the move as demons swarm towards us. Doom’s 2016 reboot was even truer to this which had the same exciting gameplay but added a modern twist on the Doom formula. Doom Eternal’s gameplay will be similar to Doom 2016’s gameplay but with a lot more moving and jumping, with platforming being a constant in Doom Eternal.

Platforming adds to the fast paced mobility of the Doom series

Doom Eternal puts a higher focus on platforming, throughout the entirety of Doom Eternal; you’ll be zipping from wall to wall and air dashing to get to new areas in the level. The platforming itself appears to be fluid, easy to grasp and makes us feel like the Doom Slayer even more. These platforming mechanics however are not only useful for jumping from area to area however; they are also useful for traversing around your enemies, is a projectile coming towards you? Use an air-dash and evade that projectile with ease. The platforming also opens up new strategies for the player to craft themselves and of course in turn this gives us more freedom of choice, which we always want.

How you handle consumables is very important.

Consumables within Doom Eternal will range from health pickups, to ammo drops, to armour pickups and more. In Doom Eternal you will have to always be thinking about what you need at a particular moment. Health pickups can primarily be obtained by performing “glory kills” on your enemies; these are the cinematic-esque finishers which we all adore, ripping demons sometimes limb from limb. Armour on the other hand can be obtained in a hurry by using the flamethrower which the Doom Slayer will be equipped with. There are other ways to obtain these pickups but with fast shortcuts like these present you can stay on top of those demons.

This sword looks ace

Doom Eternal will give the Doom Slayer even more ways to slice down demons—or burn them to a crisp— as you will be equipped with both a flamethrower and a sword to carve your way through enemies and we will of course look brilliant when using them. What’s not to like?

Here comes the spider demon

The enemy/monster design in the Doom series has always been very special; every type of demon or enemy makes their own unique imprint on the world and makes the player want to learn their moves and how to best go about exterminating them. Doom Eternal appears to follow this same mix of potency with new enemies featured. The hulking Baron’s of hell make their return but in the gameplay we have seen so far, Doom Eternal has a host of new enemies ranging from Angel like creatures to snake like demons that are upright and these brain spiders. (I don’t know the actual name; so we’ll go with that) Each enemy is crafted expertly to force us out of our comfort zone as we’ll often be dealing with many types of enemies at a time, not just one type. I am very excited to find out what other enemies we will be facing in the next instalment of Doom.


Doom Eternal also comes packed with a brand new PvP experience which pits two player controlled demons against one fully equipped, player controlled Doom Slayer. The mode is a brilliant idea and is a different type of multiplayer game mode. Being able to control a demon is really going to be a thrill but no less so than being the Slayer, where we will have to be very strategic to take down two demons who are controlled by two eager to win players. I’m also looking forward to the maps that will be present each having their own unique layouts and advantages and disadvantages for either team. BattleMode will surely be a mode which keeps me coming back for more when Doom Eternal launches.


Doom Eternal launches November the 22nd and releases on Xbox One, PlayStation 4; Nintendo Switch, and PC. I certainly can’t wait to put back on the helmet of being the Doom Slayer; can you?

Thank you very much for reading and as always, have a wonderful day!


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