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Digital Extremes Are Experts At Listening To Player Feedback And Creating Exciting, Regular New Content As Seen Through Warframe

Warframe is a free to play Sci-fi, co-operative, third-person action role-playing game developed by Digital Extremes, with over 50 million players registered worldwide; where “ninja’s play free”. Warframe has seen substantial success over its illustrious lifespan. The past of Warframe is one that is filled with growth, joy, determination and the building of a community. Digital Extremes frequently can be seen creating new content, most of which is shown to the community before release through “Devstreams” and events such as “TennoCon” which we will talk about later. The connection between the players and the developers is what entices and entrances us to keep playing Warframe; along with all of the brilliant content too of course!

Content, content, content

One of the newest updates to Warframe was “Empyrean”.

Recently, players received the latest update named “Empyrean”. This addition to the game is ecstatic fun to play; including tons of new missions, areas, and your very own personal (railjack) spacecraft to pilot and disintegrate foes! I have had a ton of great times playing Empyrean and it got me thinking about how Digital Extremes are excellent at creating new content all the time, not just content but truly unique content.

In 2019 alone, players were treated with an entirely new open world-space on Venus in the update of Fortuna which came along with numerous new activities for players to enjoy such as hunting. Then, before that, we received a new quest for us all to venture through with superb writing intertwined throughout. Every single year players are sure to obtain a wide range of new content and it shows us time and time again that Digital Extremes go above and beyond for their playerbase.

Players often request new features to be added to Warframe or for small tweaks to occur. This feedback is commonly seen on the official Warframe forums where the team can be seen responding frequently to requests and bringing the subject up at a later date where they decide if it would be best for the game. A brilliant example of Digital Extremes character is when a few years back they introduced a feature to the game where players would be able to use an in-game currency (which can be bought with money in real life or traded for within the game) to change the colour of one of a Kubrows fur. Players could essentially keep using the machine which allowed this change by using platinum over and over again. In barely any time at all, Digital Extremes realised that they had essentially created a slot-machine and wanted to protect players from spending all their money on this machine. To eliminate the problem they simply removed it from the game which was a choice that made the gaming community feel extremely grateful and proud of Digital Extremes.

TennoCons and Devstreams

Over the past few years, Digital Extremes have hosted an event named TennoCon where the first of which took place in 2016. TennoCon offers the community of Warframe the chance to merge together for a time and share their experience and love of Warframe with each other. New update reveals are commonly shown off in the venue for the TennoCon goers to have the very first ‘eyes on’ of the new content. Activities such as cosplay competitions are a regular occurrence at TennoCon which is a thrill to watch if you have not seen it as all the cosplayers have excellent outfits to show off.

My main point here is that Digital Extremes ensure that there is always something for players to enjoy with each other. It is a community that supports each other, a community which genuinely cares for one another. I personally have been playing Warframe since 2014 and honestly, I have never seen a game evolve so much as I have seen Warframe adapt and change over the years, keeping the same core values and gameplay.

On top of all this, every week Digital Extremes have a wide range of streams for players to watch. Shows such as platform-specific streams, “Primetime” and Devstreams which air every two weeks. Team members from Digital Extremes are present on the show and we get an inside look at all the behind-the-scenes work on Warframe.

Regardless of what stream players choose to watch, they are always guaranteed to have a brilliant time and share many laughs with the friendly team and chat. I know I have certainly had a blast every time I tune in to one of the weekly shows and plus, there are always prizes and giveaways to be won for players watching on Mixer and Twitch. Who knows, maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones to win a prize!


Ultimately Digital Extremes have put their own stamp on creating Warframe and intertwining the community within that process throughout the years. The connection between the developers and the community is what keeps the player base and the game thriving. I can’t wait to see where Warframe will go next and wherever that luxurious destination is set to be, you’ll be able to learn all about it right here on the site.

Thank you very much for reading and as always, have a brilliant day!

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